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Local Cycling Routes

We are grateful to Brian Hedney for creating and sharing many of the maps on this page that chronicle the Club’s cycling adventures over the years!
Northumberland County north1
Baltimore Distance Description
Giro di Northumberland 53 km A gorgeous route through the hills of Northumberland County.
Bewdley Distance Description
Around the (Rice) Lake 106 km For an interesting metric century, circumnavigate Rice Lake.
The Scenic Ride 51 km or
One of the most scenic, this route takes in magnificent views of Rice Lake and the Northumberland Hills.
Heavenly Harwood 47 km or
36 km
A delightful ride that returns along the south shore of Rice Lake. The 36 km ride is relatively easy; the extra 11 km loop is very hilly!
Brighton Distance Description
Lots O’ Lake Views 77 km or
51 km
Two excellent routes that afford numerous views (either close-up or from the distant hills) of Lake Ontario.
First Half Flat! 56 km or
44 km
After 32 km of relatively flat, scenic riding, the long route heads up into the infamous Northumberland Hills. The shortcut avoids the worst of the hills.
Presqu’Ile Promise 54 km or
38 km
Both routes start by taking a (very flat!) tour of beautiful Presqu’ile Park. The 54 km route returns to Brighton via the Northumberland Hills; the 38 km route returns along (much flatter) County Road 2.
Campbellford Distance Description
Two Rivers Tour 52 km or
3o km
A very pleasant ride that follows the Trent River for a while, and crosses the Crowe River on two occasions.
The King’s Mill 59 km or
40 km
A lovely ride that visits the Trent-Severn lock at Glen Ross, Stirling, and the King’s Mill Conservation Area.
Cobourg Distance Description
Brian N.’s Favorite 52 km or
45 km or
35 km
Ride heads East from Brian’s place and UP Shelter Valley Road and King Road.
Rice Lake Ramble – Long
Rice Lake Ramble – Medium
Rice Lake Ramble – Short
87 km or
74 km or
61 km
All three rides head north to Harwood, on Rice Lake, using delightfully quiet roads.
Northumberland Hills 60 km or
48 km or
25 km
A delightfully challenging ride through the Northumberland Hills.
Shelter Valley Road 52 km After 25 km of Northumberland Hills, Shelter Valley Road is a dream come true!
Shelter Valley Shuffle –  Long
Shelter Valley Shuffle – Medium
Shelter Valley Shuffle – Short
102 km or
83 km or
54 km
Three glorious rides with the TBN.
The Turkey Ride! 47 km or
39 km
These are the routes that the Ganaraska Freewheelers used for their 2008 Thanksgiving ride!
Hamilton Heights! 44 km A pleasant ride through Hamilton Township, north of Cobourg.
The Hilly 55er 55 km or
42 km
The 55 km route takes in some of the “wonderful” hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The shorter 42 km route is less hilly!
It’s All Downhill From Here 38 km or
23 km
This delightful route was developed by the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club and is one of their club’s favourites.
Y Ride ? 50 km Apart from the infamous Bickle Hill, this scenic route is one of the easier 50 km rides. There are numerous opportunities to shorten it if you feel so inclined!.
The Miller’s Ride 59 km or
42 km
A delightful ride that takes in some of the nicest roads in the area.
Le Tour de Port Hope 54 km or
48 km
This route heads over to Port Hope on the Fifth Line. After a tour of the Port Hope downtown and waterfront, the 54 km ride returns to The Mill via the infamous Bickle Hill (an obstacle that the 48 km ride avoids!).
Bewdley & Back 54 km A relatively flat route up to “Beautiful Bewdley” and back. This is a Northumberland Hills Cycling Club route.
Rice Lake Ramble 51 km A gorgeous ride that includes 10 km along the south shore of Rice Lake.

Town & Country 49 km or
37 km
A relatively flat route that heads from country to town, and back to country again!
Rice Lake Heights 65 km or
42 km
This route heads north to take in some excellent views of Rice Lake.
East Danforth 50 km or
33 km
A delightful route that take you through the Northumberland Hills, down the picturesque Shelter Valley Road and finally along the Lake Ontario shoreline.
Twice in Grafton 52 km or
44 km
This lovely route starts by working its way through the Haldimand Hills to Ste. Anne’s Spa. It then descends to the Lake Ontario shoreline, passing through the village of Grafton. It is then back into the hills before descending to Grafton for the second occasion, this time coming down Shelter Valley Road.
“O Canada” Ride 55 km This is the ride that the Freewheelers used on Canada Day. It even took in the Cobourg Canada Day parade!
Spring Fling 32 km or
41 km or
45 km
This is a relatively flat (unless you elect for the Bickle Hill extension!) route from the Cobourg Community Centre that is ideal for an early season “Spring Fling”!
Colborne Distance Description
Telephone Road Madness 48 km or
34 km
After an easy start along the shore of Lake Ontario, this route heads north and into the hills!
Lakes Big & Small 50 km A pleasant route that follows Lake Ontario for the first 25 km, and then returns to Colborne via Little Lake Road.
Gores Landing Distance Description
Queen Victoria 49 km or
38 km
An excellent route that starts and finishes at the Victoria Inn (a great place for lunch!).
Rice Lake Vistas 48 km or
39 km
You will never be far from Rice Lake on this ride, and the route affords some excellent views of the lake. This one also starts at the Victoria Inn.
Grafton Distance Description
Grafton East 51 km or
36 km or
30 km
All three routes follow the Waterfront Trail from Grafton to Colborne. The longer the route, the harder is the the return to Grafton!
Harwood Distance Description
Golden Beach 51 km This is a very scenic, but somewhat hilly, route with magnificent views of Rice Lake.
Osaca Distance Description
Newcastle Marina 70 km or
54 km
The 54 km route is relatively flat; the additional 16 km loop is much hillier and includes the infamous Starkville Hill! Both routes take one to the Newcastle Marina where there is an excellent restaurant.
Starkville, or Not 54 km or
39 km
The shorter, 39 km, route is not too difficult as it follows the Lake Ontario shoreline upon its return. However, the extra 16 km loop is quite challenging as it ascends the infamous Starkville Hill!
 Bess’ Ride 55 km or
46 km or
31 km
The long (55 km) route takes in the infamous Oak Hill and Seventh Line hills. Las Vistas, baby. The shortest (31 km) is less insane!
Pretty & Easy 50 km or
33 km
This route lives up to its name as it is both pretty and (relatively) flat!
Port Hope Distance Description
Marshall’s Blossom Ride 58 km or
45 km or
37 km
A not-to-be missed annual ride scheduled when the lilac blossoms are at their peak. Make sure you make it to Bethel Grove Road & County Road 28 for the best show & smell!
Katherine’s Ride 52 km or
36 km
The shorter, 36 km, route is most pleasant whereas the longer, 52 km, route isn’t so! The long route wanders along the rather hilly 7th Line, and returns along the rather hilly 6th Line!
Osaca Outing 45.7 km or       33.8 km Starts in Port Hope and travels North to Osaca through lovely farmland and quiet tree-lined country roads.
The Oak Hills 50 km or
37 km
This new 2017 route starts on Oak Hill Road in Port Hope and meanders to Clarington. The longer ride includes one of our favourite hills, Starkville Hill.
Hope with Hamilton 50 km
or shorter
A gorgeous route through the “united” Townships of Hope and Hamilton with a rest stop at Beautiful Bewdley on Rice Lake.
Seventh Heaven 47 km A beautiful, but hilly, route through the Municipality of Port Hope and Hamilton Township. Shortly after passing Jamieson Rd. on the Seventh Line, you reach a point where, on a clear day, you can see both Rice Lake and Lake Ontario. At that point you are truly in “Seventh Heaven”!
Cold Springs Canter 51 km or
37 km
This is a fairly hilly route that heads north and east from Port Hope and travels along some of our favourite country roads. Although the additional 13 km loop is very hilly, you will be rewarded with some of the best views in the area. On the homeward stretch you have the option of climbing everyone’s favourite hill, Bickle Hill!
Beautiful Bewdley 51 km A hilly, scenic, route that heads north to visit “Beautiful Bewdley”.
Le Tour de Cobourg 50 km A relatively flat route that essentially follows the Waterfront Trail through Cobourg for the first 20 km. The hillier return route hillier includes the infamous Bickle Hill!
Go Fourth! 48 km A relatively flat ride that heads west along the Fourth Line and returns to Port Hope on beautiful Lakeshore Road.
Osaca Odyssey 46 km
36 km or
27 km
A pleasant, relatively flat, route through the Municipality of Port Hope.
Racetrack Ramble 46 km East from Port Hope to north of Cobourg; north on Racetrack Road; back to Port Hope via the hills of the Fifth Line.
Perrytown Pedlar 42 km or
24 km
This route heads north from Port Hope and passes through the hamlet of Perrytown before returning along the lakeshore.
Hamilton Hills 43 km This ride heads north in Hamilton Township, almost to Rice Lake, and is quite hilly (total ascent = 650 m).
Glorious Ganaraska 30 km A delightful, relatively flat ride that frequently crosses the Ganaraska River.
Western Wanderer 51 km For the Municipality of Port Hope, this is a relatively flat 50 km route. It starts by heading west along the beautiful Lakeshore Road. After passing through the village of Newtonville, the route turns to Port Hope through rolling farmlands approximately 10 km north of Lake Ontario.
Sylvan Glen Picnic 88 km The lovely ride was used by the Ganaraska Freewheelers for their 2006 picnic.
Northumberland Hills – Long
Northumberland Hills – Short
86 km or
53 km
Two delightful routes up to Rice Lake from Sylvan Glen.
Warkworth Distance Description
Trent River Truckin’ 63 km An excellent route visiting the Town of Campbellford and the Trent River.
Warkworth Wanderer 35 km or
53 km
Delightful cycling routes around the village of Warkworth. Be warned – the first 16 km are very hilly!
The Pike Ride 60 km or
33 km
This lovely route was developed by Richard & Irene Pike. It starts and finishes at the Warkworth Golf Club, where there is a good restaurant.
Prince Edward County pec1
Route Distance Description
Two Lakes Tour 54 km A straight-forward route that starts in the village of Consecon and visits both Lake Ontario and Consecon Lake.
North West Passage 51 km A delightful route that explores the North West corner of Prince Edward County.
The Wobbly Ride 60 km This lovely route is on quiet roads and visits two lakes (Lake Ontario and Lake Consecon) and four wineries (hence the name of the ride!).
Lavender & Wine 60 km This route is similar to the one above. However, it visits the Price Edward County Lavender Farm in addition to a couple of wineries.
Lilacs & Lookouts 62 km or
45 km
This ride is best done in May when the lilacs are in bloom. The route passes an abundance of lilacs, and also takes in four scenic lookouts.
Water & Wine 58 km Modified Lavender & Wine route in reverse. If you don’t want 58 km, there are 3 shortcuts that remove 20 km from the distance.
Durham Region durham
Clarington Distance Description
Lake View Heights 57 km or
47 km
This ride starts off by following the relatively flat Lakeshore Road. However, the long ride heads north to take in the infamous Starkville Hill!
Visit Port Hope 78 km or
62 km
Two delightful rides start at the Newcastle Marina and visit downtown Port Hope. The longer route back takes in the “Starkville Hill” on Concession Road 5.
The Hilly Conclusion 52 km or
43 km or
33 km
An interesting route that incorporates a delightful section of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. The long, 52 km, route takes in a few hills (including the infamous Starkville Hill) towards the end of the ride.
Oshawa Distance Description
Beeline to Bowmanville – Long
Beeline to Bowmanville – Short
79 km or
65 km
A pleasant TBN ‘Country Cruise‘ Route.
Port Perry Pedaler 84 km Another TBN ‘Country Cruise‘ route; this one visits beautiful Port Perry for lunch.
Waterfront Distance Description
Lynde Creek to Pickering 23 km The Waterfront Trail through Ajax and Pickering make for some wonderful cycling. Distance noted is one-way.
Peterborough County ptborail
Peterborough Distance Description
Lakefield & Young’s Point 57 km An out-and-back route that follows the Rotary Greenway Trail from Peterborough to Lakefield and then continues on quiet roads to Young’s Point (where you can shop at the Lockside Trading Company).
Peterborough Trails 57 km A relatively flat route that is almost entirely on trails.
Old Norwood Road 44 km or
35 km
A delightful route that visits the ‘quaint’ village of Duoro.
Millbrook Distance Description
The Picnic Ride 86 km This is the ride that the Ganaraska Freewheelers used for their 2008 Annual Picnic. Apart from the 12 km section of the Peterborough Rail Trail, it is fairly hilly.
Otonabee Twice 49 km This route heads east from Millbrook and, as the name suggests, crosses the Otonabee River on two occasions.
Bethany Hills 50 km or
43 km
Both routes travel some of the pleasant roads around Millbrook. The longer (50 km) route pays a visit to the village of Bethany and some of its hills!
Baxter Creek 51.8 km or
40.5 km
An annual favourite with some challenging climbs.
Mountain Bike and
Cross-Country Ski Trails
Ganaraska Forest Distance Description
Cross Country Ski Trail Map
Ganaraska Forest Map
Use of the trails requires either a Day Pass or an Annual Membership. 2012 Ganaraska Forest Membership Application. Forest Membership and day passes are available at the Ganaraska Forest Centre and the GRCA main office: 2216 County Rd. 28 in Port Hope. 905-885-8173
Northumberland Forest Distance Description 
Blue Single-Track Trail  4 km Permitted trail uses: Cycling, hiking and snowshoeing. The Blue Single-Track Trail is a narrow, windy trail with some steep hills.  This trail was extended in the Summer of 2014 and now goes as far north as Bowmanton Road. The original loop has recently been renamed Dragonfly. Although this trail was originally designed for mountain biking, it is also excellent for hiking.
Purple Trail 3.5 km
6 km or
9 km
All non-motorized uses permitted. Parking for the Purple Trail is located on the east side of County Road 45 at Woodland Road. The trail is wide and has some very large hills on the B and C loops. This is a wide trail with some sandy sections. The A loop can be used for a leisurely ride, while the hills make the B anc C loops more challenging. The trail is not, however, technical. Click here for driving directions
Beagle Club Trails* 1.6 km –
9.6 km
*Mountain bikes are not permitted on the designated horseback riding trails. Between December 1st and March 31st the ski trails are closed to ALL uses except for cross-country skiing. Click here for driving directions
Three Hilly Loops 48 km This route provides a road riding option from the Beagle Club parking in the Northumberland Forest. It essentially consists of three hilly loops each of which provide magnificent views of Rice Lake. The combined distance of all three loops is 48 km.