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Cycling from Bewdley Community Centre – Tuesday, July 23

What a great turnout for the Campbellford Ride!

Let’s make it another great summer ride! Join Bob and Liz on the Heavenly Harwood ride, starting at 10:00 a.m. from the Bewdley Community Centre. Their invitation is below.

Enjoy a scenic ride along Rice Lake. The 36 km ride is relatively easy; the 47 km ride has lots of challenging hills for the last 11 kms. Join us for lunch at Rhinos to recoup your calories. So bring on the sweet potato fries!

Cycling from Osaca – Friday, July 19

Bess is our host for Friday’s ride starting from her country estate in Osaca at 5:30. A potluck will follow.

We’ll follow the Starkville, or Not route which offers three distances – 51, 41 and 37 kilometres. Please print your own maps as we will not have maps available.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday to enjoy a lovely summer evening of cycling and socializing!

Cycling from Campbellford – Tuesday, July 16

Brian H. is your host for Tuesday’s ride from Campbellford following the Two Rivers Tour route. His invitation is below.

After arriving in Campbellford, cross over the bridge, turn right in 100 m at the second lights on to Doxsee Street, then turn right again in 100 m at the Free Parking sign. The attached map shows the Campbellford parking spot. You will actually be right behind the LCBO. Since there may not be a public loo on this side of the river you may wish to do your business prior to crossing over the bridge!

The cycling route is the same as last year, with 49 and 30 kilometre options.

Please print your own a copy of Two Rivers Tour map as Brian does not have a colour printer!

Lunch will be at Apollo’s Pizzeria, the same as last year. It has been ordered for 12:30 to 1:00 PM, on the balcony. The menu is to be found at: It is a 2-min walk from the parking location.

Cycling from Castleton – Friday, July 12

Harold D. has gallantly stepped up to host this Friday for our ride commencing at 5:30 from his home in Castleton. Hurray Harold!

He will print maps. The long ride will head to Warkworth and back and there will be a shorter option. There will be usual pot-luck after the ride. Harold is planning to drive the route while we cycle it and he can take passengers 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Cycling from Millbrook – Tuesday, July 9

Jen & TJ invite you to Tuesday’s ride!

Tuesday July 9th, we will meet at the Millbrook arena for 10 am to start our ride. Bring your bathing suit and towel because the creek is a perfect place to cool off like many of us did last year after our very hot ride!

We will lunch naturally at The Pastry Peddler in downtown Millbrook starting at 12:30 and onward. They are aware of various show up times since some may do the long route and some the short.

We are doing the Otonabee Twice route and TJ and I will have maps available day of as TJ is making a shorter route for people that don’t want to do the longer one.

A few of us are going to 4th Line Theatre after to see, “Bloom”. If any of you are interested in joining us, call the theatre and get your tickets and we will reserve seats for you and will see you there!

Hope to see many of you out like last Tuesday. Summer is here and the sun is out! Spin spin spin!

Jen and TJ

Cycling from Cobourg – Friday, July 5

Franco & Marianne have stepped up to host this Friday’s ride starting at 5:30 from Franco’s place in Cobourg, with potluck to follow. Their invitation is below.

Grillmaster Franco will be firing up the Q ! Please indicate whether you prefer homemade beef burger, veggie burger or neither !

We look forward to seeing you all this Friday at Franco’s !

We’ll have maps available…options from 20 km flattish, 34 with some hills or 50 with more !

We all start together down highway 2 ( it is sort of unavoidable) and then can break off . . . heading down the lakeshore, up to St. Anne’s, or even beyond to Eddystone.

Start cooking !!
Franco and Marianne

Cycling from Cobourg, Tuesday, July 2

School’s out for Summer! Jen and TJ are your hosts for our first July ride of the season Starting at 10 am on Tuesday. Their invitation is below.

On Tuesday, we will lunch at Julie’s Place in Cobourg on the corner of University and William. It is the old Let’s Eat. We will park kiddie corner at the old Home Hardware building centre, so we don’t clog up the parking lot at the restaurant, as it is very limited space. Our reservation is at 12:30, but they are aware that we will be trickling in as we finish our ride.

The route will be the Rice Lake Ramble, but instead of starting in Precious Corners, we will go up Ontario Street from the Home Hardware and stick together until at least Cornish Hollow.  There is not a short route (main route is 51km), but it can be shortened easily by not going as far north as Harwood.

Please indicate on the website if you plan to dine so that we may respectfully tell the restaurant how many of us we are.

Thanks and hope to see many of you out!!

St. Jacobs Tour

July 26th, 2019
3 days to go.

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