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Riding from Donegan Park – Tuesday, July 14

Keeping our distance!

Tuesday, July 14th ride route will be a variation of the Twice in Grafton route but starting at 10:00 a.m. at Donegan Park on D’Arcy Street, Cobourg, just south of King.

We will ride south to the Lakeshore Rd, north on Brookside, East on King/Co. Rd. 2 and joining the mapped route heading south on Archer. This route is about 53k but fairly flat with no substantial hills. Shorter routes or longer routes are easily navigated according to the map.

As Donegan Park has lots of parking (alas no washrooms) and shade trees, we are suggesting an after ride, socially distanced bring-your-own chairs, individual picnic. If you haven’t participated in a ‘new normal’ ride with us before, please review the June 29th GFW website post on procedures, print, sign and bring your Covid-19 Waiver. Please also feel confident and comfortable that on the rides we have had since our late start to the season, members have been careful, respectful and have followed the current recommendations.


  1. Paul Buttimor says:

    I plan to attend. Looking forward to seeing people again…Paul


  2. BrianH says:

    I shall be there – with my bicycle and loo!!


  3. Marshall says:

    I’ll be there. Looks like a great route. Looking forward to it.


  4. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth will be there!


  5. bradyperkin says:

    Andy & Jennifer hope to ride.


  6. vivian says:

    vivian and Harold will be riding


  7. jenp83 says:

    TJ and I will be there!


  8. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and I will bring our chairs and a lunch for ‘afters’ as well as the usual sanitizers, wipes, masks and measuring tapes…….(!) Looks like we’ll have two groups. We’ll review the route(s) and groups before the ride.


  9. Sue says:

    I will go – but I guess only if there are two groups since I’m late replying and there are 10 already. Let me know.


    • Barbara Spencer says:

      Come anyway Sue, Love to see you. Ontario has changed things effective Friday to larger groups so we can distance as much as possible and we can stagger a start with no problem at all.


  10. Barbara Spencer says:

    Great to see everyone today for a terrific (and fast!) ride. Wow. Barb, John, Ruth, Pete, Jennifer, Andy, Jen P., T.J., Brian Hedney, Brian Neale, Paul, Marshall, Vivian, Harold W., Marianne, Franco riding. Special appearances by Harold D and Bernadette Sanderson not riding but fans of all.


  11. Barbara Spencer says:

    Of course, we staggered our start and were socially responsible!


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