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Cycling Fundraiser – Shall We Mount a Team?

I’m sending this invitation out on behalf of Lilianne, our club’s Vice President.

Lakeridge Health Foundation is having its first annual cycling fundraiser for its Cancer Care Centre.on Sunday May 28th called Pedal for Patients.  The registration fee is $50.00, and there are 2 routes, one of 27 kilometres and one of 80 kilometres.

The rides start at Durham Regional Headquarters on Rossland Road, and head North, the 80 km ride starting at 8:00 am and the 27 km ride starting at 9:00 am.  A sag wagon is provided, plus refreshments and snack stations along the route.  Riders will be provided with a $10.00 voucher applied to any of the food trucks at the finish line. 

Participants are expected to raise $300.00, and help can be obtained from the Centre to meet that goal. Read more about the event itself. Note that you must register by May 21.

Why would our members consider participating in this event?  Lakeridge Health Centre provides cancer care not only for Durham region, but Northumberland County is also in their catchment area and many patients travel to Oshawa for their treatments.

If you’re interested in participating, please use the comments to let others know. Maybe we can gather a team of riders!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Lakeridge Health Foundation Fundraiser: Pedal for Patients

2023  Season Welcome

Welcome to the 2023 cycling season.  Your Ganaraska Freewheelers Executives (Michel, Lilianne, Jennifer, Jen, and Ruth) and Ride Coordinators (Brian & Gail, Paul & Sue) are pleased to officially launch the 2023 cycling season.

Season Opener Ride: Friday, April 14 at 10:00 am

This year, our first official ride is on Friday, April 14 to keep our tradition of starting the season with Wayne and Brenda in Baltimore.

Apres Ride

Even though COVID is behind us, members have thoroughly enjoyed the Bring Your Own Picnic (BYOP) post ride social format which will likely continue.  Hopefully there will be some potlucks or semi potlucks and picnics interspersed, at the host’s discretion. 

Even if you can’t ride, everyone is welcome to the après ride.  Always nice to see and chat with everyone.

2023 Ride Coordinators

The 2023 Ride Calendar is up!

Brian H. will look after Friday rides until Gail takes over in August. 

It was decided at the AGM in November that for 2023, Friday rides will normally start at 10:00 AM. All un-hosted rides will start at that time. However, members should feel free to host rides on Friday evening, or on Saturday or Sunday in lieu of the Friday morning ride. Indeed, members are encouraged to do so. Starting with the Victoria Day weekend, “Friday”rides will occur on Thursdays on long weekends.

Paul will look after Tuesday rides until Sue takes over in August.

There is now a deadline for posting a ride after which the ride coordinator will assume the ride is un-hosted and set the start of the ride to either the Port Hope Town Hall or Cobourg Community Centre default location. This should make it easier for you to plan your attendance in advance rather than last minute. It also means we are inviting you to please plan a ride soon. It would be great if every member planned or hosted at least one ride this season.

Tuesday rides will default to “unhosted – default to Port Hope or Cobourg start” after Sunday 9 PM. 

Friday rides will default to “unhosted – default to Port Hope or Cobourg start” after Wednesday 9 PM.

All-Year Club

We have become an all-year club that will include mountain biking, hiking and skiing.

This summer, we may plan some summer mountain bike events in conjunction with Bikes and Beers when they come to ride in Durham forest out of the Trailhub at the old Skyloft. This is great beginner friendly and non-technical riding.

Look for some of these activities in the calendar on the website and in Facebook.

We encourage you all to plan some extra events.


We are revamping the home page of our website to make it more user friendly for members and also more inviting to prospective new members. We’ll aim to reveal the new page by the first ride. It is a work-in-progress and we will be welcoming your comments and suggestions. 

Our ride calendar shall continue to be on the website – see second tab in menu “2023 Calendar”. It is your first source for ride locations and times. Many communications, especially last-minute cancellations or notices shall be through Facebook. So check both sources often.

Right now, blog posts are still on the home page, however they will move as illustrated in the visual below to a tab called “Blog” on the menu. Note as well that if you’re quickly trying to get to the Facebook Group, you can navigate via the “f” in the top left corner of the menu, below the search bar.

A final note about our website, thanks to Miche and his band of merry GPS route creators, we are in the process of adding GPS rides to the Local Cycling Routes page so you will have access to paper maps and GPS routes.  

Password-Protected Pages

There are only three pages for which you need the password. 

  1. Member directory
  2. Emergency contacts
  3. AGM minutes

We will announce the new password at the kick-off ride and follow up with an email and date on which we will switch over to it.

Please verify that your information in the member list is correct and your emergency contact is correct.

Send any corrections to ganaraskafreewheers@gmail.com which goes to Ruth, our Web Administrator. Please use this club email address instead of her other email addresses which you might have for her – she visits Yahoo very infrequently; she no longer works at UTSC and her personal Gmail account is the subject of many lost emails because it requires an easily over-look able double “l”.  

New Members

We are focusing this year on welcoming new members.  We have business cards and flyers to distribute and ask that you help to distribute these wherever you go.  Please pick some up from Michel next time you’re at a ride.

We invite all members to be Ambassadors for the club. For example, when you go to a bike store, can you:

  • Engage the personnel there about the Ganaraska Freewheelers? 
  • Talk up the club so they know it is a great club and recommend us? 
  • Notice if our cards and flyers are available and visible? If not, ask if they might be interested in giving us a little profile boost?

Traditional Rides

The Freewheelers have some traditional rides that we look forward to and hopefully will be well attended.

Wayne and Brenda’s season opener starting at 10:00 AM: It’s always a perennial favorite to meet and socialize with our friends.

Marshall’s lilac ride: Marshall always has a great route planned to take in the blossoms.

New memorial ride: This year Michel will host a ride on Sunday, July 23 from the Millbrook market as he used to do with Melanie. We will honour those Freewheelers that now have the wind always at their back.

Veggie race ride: Barb and John will host this fun event.

Thanksgiving ride: Since Catherine has moved away, we need someone else to take on this year’s Thanksgiving ride. This will hopefully be another grand potluck.

Season closer AGM: Our season closing ride will move from Halloween to be in conjunction with the AGM.

Long Ride

As you know from a previous post by Sue the organizer, this year we will have a four-day ride from Merrickville from Aug 14th to 17th.  

Please let Sue know through your comments your level of interest and accommodation preferences. As updated recently on her post, Dianne, Sue, Pete and Ruth have secured sites 27-29. The campground is holding five more sites until April 10 for GFW members, so use the contact details provided in this post to claim your site.

Safety in 2023

We don’t want to be a club of rules, but we are guilty of a few faux pas, or in cycling lingo, a missed cadence or two.   

When climbing a hill please move over or be ready to quickly get to the side. Often, we are making it difficult for cars to get by us. This has been a continual observation from our tailenders, that we block hills. We have to be more safety conscious when climbing. Please pay attention to the “car back” calls when climbing hills. Any suggestions to cure this bad habit – like nominating a literal whistle blower on each ride?

If you have covid or any cold or flu, please stay home and send your regrets. It is up to you if you wish to wear a mask or not.

New Jersey

This year under Jennifer B.’s leadership, we have arranged for new jerseys of a different colour for those who are orange/yellow adverse.  These new jerseys are of a higher quality than the former jerseys so better for the summer heat. 

There will be a sizing kit at our first ride. So far, 23 members have ordered a new jersey and hopefully by now have transferred to Lilianne their $126 payment. It’s not too late – you can still participate by forwarding your payment to Liliane or making your payment at the first ride when folks will try on jerseys and confirm their sizes.

You should have received from the ganaraskafreewheelers@gmail.com email two emails depicting the jerseys – if you can’t find them, please contact Ruth or Jennifer B.

In Closing

Your Execs and Ride Coordinators feel honoured to serve this club with such great members.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, energy and efforts in making us a club of Great Fitness, Great Food, Great Friends. 

Let’s have another wonderful season.

May the wind be often at your back.  😊

Long Tour to Merrickville in August 2023

Your Tuesday Ride Coordinator Sue has been busily researching our options for a long tour together in August. Please comment on this post or head over to Facebook and provide your feedback on a similar post there.

Plans are in the making for our cycling trip in Merrickville from August 14 to the 17th.

We have to decide if people want two nights or three.  And we need to find out how many of you are interested and what options you are interested in. 


Here are our possible options for accommodations:

1. Individual BnB rentals or hotels that people would book on their own:

1840 Guest House

Baldachin Inn

Angelina Wrona’s Anarchy Gallery

Merrickville Guest Suites

2. Camping at the beautiful Merrickville Lions Club Campground on the Rideau. I believe there can be 2 tents per site and it may be $35 per night approximately.


Preliminary Itinerary

We will have a shorter ride on Monday August 14th, a longer day on Tuesday, and perhaps Wednesday, depending on whether people want 2 or 3 nights. Whether it’s Wednesday or Thursday that we check out, we could have a ride near the Perth area on the way home.

So think it over and please comment here or on the Facebook post with your questions and answers. 

The routes are in the planning stages so at the moment I can’t give you any definite maps.

We will figure out food options later. There are many good options.

Pete, Ruth & Monster did Merrickville in August 2022. Above images, left to right: a typical campsite on the river, bike repair station in town, sunset over the river.

Reminder of AGM: Saturday, November 5 at 1:00 pm

Please note that we have emailed you the agenda for the upcoming Freewheelers AGM, Saturday November 5, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. to be held at Gail Lupton and Stephen Shine’s home in Bowmanville.

Just a reminder about the food from our Hold the Date email that went in early October: bring your favourite dish of finger foods (no heating or last minute prep!) to share as well as your utensils and beverage of choice for our second favourite pastimes after cycling.

Their address and a map can be accessed by going to the club directory and clicking on Gail or Steve’s address.

Kindly extend the courtesy of confirming your attendance. Please feel free to mask for your personal comfort.

The Agenda contains more detail than is usual so please take some time to review it prior to the meeting and come prepared to discuss or comment on the topics listed. And please download and complete your membership form and waiver for 2023.

Looking forward to seeing all of you for the meeting and the historic food and fun that follows.

August 22-23: A special invitation from Rodger & Margaret

Our club is blessed with so many good friends and good times. Our newest members, Rodger and Margaret, extend a gracious invitation to club members to join them later in August on their little island retreat near Bon Echo. This post is a bit of a departure from our experiment on Facebook, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up. That way, you can hold the time in your calendar and plan to join us. It also allows us to give Roger & Margaret plenty of advanced warning of numbers and needs.

Their kind invitation, along with confirmation details, is below. It is also on the Club Calendar. Closer to the date, we’ll get some up-to-the minute interaction happening on the Facebook Group. Hope to see you there.

From Rodger & Margaret to the FreeWheelers
You are invited for either day (August 22 or 23) or overnight (22-23) to our boat access south facing beachfront cottage on Mazinaw Lake located 3 miles north of Bon Echo Prov. Park which is 2 hours drive from Cobourg. We have kayaks, canoes, motor boats (no sailboats in the water this year) and floating beach toys to enjoy.

Our sanitary facilities are what the english call a “long drop” and we call an “out house” together with men and boys to the bush. We draw water from the lake for washing.

Food and Drink
We will provide water, coffee, tea, milk, BBQ sausages and hamburgers for dinner.
Bring your own libations, lunches, snacks, breakfast & POT LUCK dish. We have a beer fridge, small freezer and a refrigerator.

Accommodations — Sleeping
Cottage or Tent — we have beds for 16 and a beach on which to pitch a tent (we have 2 tents or bring your own). Please let us know your preference.

Drive to Kaladar (junction of Hwys 7 & 41) — go N on Hwy 41 at the top of the big hill, CALL COOPERS 905-376-5622 or 613-336-1991 to arrange for a boat pick up time (there are cell dead zones on Hwy 41) continue N on 41 for about 25 minutes — after you have passed Bon Echo Provincial Park entrance you will drive up a long hill at the top of which is a vista of Mazinaw Lake — slow down near the bottom of the hill and just past the Boat Launch sign turn right on to MAZINAW HEIGHTS NORTH ROAD — and drive about 3km to the township boat launch (Tapping’s Landing) where you will park and we will pick you up by boat.
Please plan to arrive between 9:30AM — 11AM

Participation Confirmation
Email: cooper@eagle.ca by NOON SAT 20 AUG
Please send name of those attending , email and text details, estimated arrival time, and sleeping preferences.

Welcome to the GFW’s 2022 Cycling Season

Welcome Freewheelers to the 2022 cycling season. Your Ganaraska Freewheelers Executives (Barb, Lilianne, Jennifer, Tara and Ruth) and Ride Coordinators (Brian & Gail, Sue & Marshall) are pleased to officially launch the 2022 cycling season.

Last year’s cycling season started with our traditional Easter Friday ride. And then COVID-19 interrupted us yet again until June when the fun began again. Our Bring Your Own Picnic (BYOP) post-ride socials continued to be a hit, blessing us with the gifts of fitness, food and especially, friends, right up to the end of October. 

We were also blessed with the company of our dear member Mel who, despite her valiant battle with cancer, joined us on a few rides and picnics. We cherish these last special moments with her and she remains forever in our hearts. Her husband Mich plans early in the season to guide us on one of her favourite rides through the waterfront trail system and up hills North of Bowmanville and Newcastle. 

Let’s all invoke her presence as we share our love of cycling in 2022 – maybe this year enjoying a full season and one that allows us a bit more social freedom. Who knows, maybe even hugs, high fives or handshakes?  

As there are changes in the way we’ll manage communications this year, please take the time to read this entire post. If you have a printer, it won’t hurt to print it out so you have it for future reference.

This season opener post contains updates on:

  1. AGM 2021 decisions regarding club communications 
  2. Ride Coordinator reminders
  3. Ride Calendar 2022 summarizing our season at a glance 
  4. Facebook Group EVENTS postings replacing website postings
  5. Password-Protected member pages – one fewer!
  6. New member openings
  7. Safety reminders

AGM 2021

In mid-October last year, we were treated to a quasi-outdoor AGM, thanks to the gracious offer by Gail and Steve to host it in their barn. Thanks as well to outgoing secretary Brenda for her minutes in case you want to refresh your memory about our meeting.

At the AGM, we had a good discussion about the need to change how we track and communicate rides to lighten the load on your Web Administrator’s weary shoulders. For those who were not able to attend, Ruth invited support for her process of issuing two posts per week, and updating the calendar over a 7-month period. She would continue to maintain the site so that pages are up to date and new features are added and be a communications backup for Ride Coordinators when they’re out of town or on holidays.

As she heads into her 10th year as your web administrator, she is so very grateful for everyone’s willingness to try a new approach – i.e., Ride Coordinators were open to learning how to update the ride calendar; members to accommodating a shift to Facebook or another app to replace the website’s twice weekly postings.

Last month, the Exec team, along with Ride Coordinators Sue, Brian and Marshall met to debate the options. In search of a solution that would be the easiest for both Ride Coordinators and members, we concluded that we needed to limit our new approach to no more than two technology tools we’re already using – i.e., the website’s Google Ride Calendar and the Facebook Group. We decided not to add to the mix the CycleClub app that we discussed at the AGM, because this would require club members to download and learn a third technical application. 

While our goal is to minimize members’ stress, we suspect there will be one or two challenges on the road to implementation. So thank you in advance for your continued understanding, patience and feedback along the way. For this year, as we experiment with this new approach, our motto needs to be “do it, try it, fix it until we get the formula right!”

The biggest changes for members are described in a little more detail in the next few sections. There is one relatively small change for members and one fairly big change:

  • Small change for members: The club’s Google Ride Calendar is now public, therefore no longer needs a password, and has a place on the main menu. It will pretty much look and act the same – but the Ride Coordinators rather than Ruth will keep it updated. Keep in mind that although small for members, it is a big change for Coordinators and they need your support.
  • Big change for members: Coordinators will post each ride as an Event on Facebook and members will interact through Facebook to confirm attendance and find out about last-minute updates.

2022 Ride Coordinators

Brian H. will look after the Friday rides until Gail takes over in August. The first Friday ride will be on Easter Friday, April 15, hosted by Wayne & Brenda at 10:00 a.m. from their home in Baltimore.

Tuesday rides start on April 19, after the official Good Friday season opener. Sue will be your contact for the first half of the season. Marshall will take over for the second half of the season from August to the end of October. The first ride will be from the Bewdley Community Centre starting at 10:00 a.m. 

2022 Ride Calendar

We’re happy to announce that the 2022 Ride Calendar has been updated for the first half of the season as we test this new approach. 

If you click on any date that says “Ride needs Host,” you will find in the description the name of the respective Ride Coordinator, as well as a reminder of the details you need to provide for your ride. 

Claim your rides as soon as you can commit to a date! That part hasn’t changed. Sue and Brian have received their basic training and are ready to roll with updating the first half of the calendar as your requests come in. Gail and Marshall will receive their training closer to the second half of the season, when they’ll take over.

What has changed regarding the Google Calendar? 

Good news – henceforth our Ride Calendar is public, therefore NO PASSWORD is required to access it. It has its own location on the main menu. We made the decision to go public to make life easier for existing members, prospective new members and Ride Coordinators. Members can quickly remind themselves of ride details or confirm which dates are still open. Guest riders or prospective new members can decide which ride they wish to attend.

However, to protect the privacy of members, only PUBLIC starting locations will be in the Google Ride Calendar. If the ride starts from a member’s home, and you don’t know the address, double check the member directory to confirm these details. If for whatever reason, you cannot access this directory, you can:

  • post a question in the FB group and someone will message you individually OR 
  • call/email a friend or Ride Coordinator who can help.

The Google Ride Calendar that you access on our website summarizes all rides for the entire season. You can also subscribe to this calendar so that the entries appear in your own Google calendar, where you can choose to view them month by month or week by week or day by day. As changes occur to the central calendar, the details will be automatically updated in your subscribed calendar. You then wouldn’t need to visit the website to access it. Each ride entry contains all the details you need, but it DOES NOT HAVE the interactive capability of the Facebook Group EVENTS feature described next.

Facebook Group EVENTS

The Facebook Group EVENTS feature replaces the website’s weekly Tuesday and Friday ride postings. If in the past you followed the website, you would have received an email for each posting. If you were not a fan of email, you would visit the site on your own to find out about the ride. If you made a comment on the posting, you could choose whether to receive any additional comments; if you did not comment, you would have to navigate to the comment thread to learn about any changes or additional details.

How will this change as we move our ride postings to Facebook EVENTS?

Coordinators will use the details from the Google Calendar to create an EVENT for each ride and post it to the GFW Facebook group a few days before the ride. The big difference from the Google Calendar entry is that on the Facebook EVENT, members can let hosts know they’re coming, ask their unique questions, get updates on rides if weather is iffy and thank their hosts. This restricts all of our wonderfully hilarious comments that used to go public on our website to a limited but welcoming audience!

But here’s the catch that makes using Facebook EVENTS a big change for some members. In order to access and comment on these EVENT postings, you must be a member of the GFW Facebook Group. The membership of the Facebook group is reviewed annually and consists of current members ONLY (with one exception), thus ensuring privacy to a small community within the Facebook empire. At the current time, we know of only two members who are not either Facebook members or have a spouse who is a member. We’re working with these two members to bring them on board, but also encourage spouses who are not currently Facebook members to create their unique profile so you can join in the trial. If you are concerned about being tracked in the Metaverse, feel free to use an alias, rather than your own name – just make sure you let us know what your alias is so we can approve your request to join.

Although all members of the GFW Facebook group have the functionality to create an EVENT, we ask that this EVENT feature be used ONLY by Ride Coordinators to create official Tuesday and Friday ride EVENTS. This is to make it as easy as possible for Club members to access the important information pertaining to these rides. The ideal scenario is that members only see posts containing essential information about our official Tuesday and Friday rides when clicking on the EVENTS tab. Members are more than welcome to post details of “pickup” rides and other events such as hikes, cross-country ski outings and community cycling events, but we would like you to post such invitations by using the DISCUSSION rather than the EVENTS tab. Also, we strongly encourage members to post their wonderful ride pictures but, again, post these in the general DISCUSSION area. 

Note that if you wish to receive an email notification of each FB ride EVENT posting, as you did with the website postings, you may need to update your Facebook notification settings.

Those less familiar with Facebook will find many enthusiasts in the club who can help you set up your profile and/or change your settings. We’re also in the process of putting together a tipsheet for both Facebook and Google Calendar that we’ll share soon!

Password-Protected Pages

There will be only three pages for which you need your password:

For now, the password is the same as last year. Look for an email from us that will provide you with the 2022 password. 

The Membership Directory and Emergency Contact list have been updated, but it is possible that a tiny detail can be wrong! So please visit the member directory and the emergency contact directory and check your details, clicking on anything that links. 

Send any corrections to ganaraskafreewheers@gmail.com which goes to Ruth, our Web Administrator. Please use this club email address instead of her other email addresses which you might have for her – she visits Yahoo very infrequently, she no longer works at UTSC and her personal Gmail account is the subject of many lost emails because it requires an easily over-lookable double “l”.

New Members 

We’re open this year to accepting new members and therefore welcome guest riders in 2022. If you would like to invite a friend for a ride who might be a prospective member, contact Barb to check with her on how best to proceed. Feel free to share the New Member pages with anyone you think might be a good fit with our club!

Safety in 2022

Safety in 2022 continues to be a priority. In addition to reminding members to read up on cycling safety and club risk management expectations, we need to emphasize with you a few points related to COVID.

Indoor gatherings are now allowed without masks. As members will have varying degrees of comfort with respect to social gatherings, we leave it to the hosts’ discretion to determine whether you would prefer to continue our new custom of outdoor Bring-Your-Own-Picnic (BYOP), or instead host a potluck picnic, suggest a restaurant event or tidy your home for a traditional indoor potluck.

All those who renewed their membership have signed the GFW COVID 19 Waiver and agreed to follow the rules set out in the GFW Response to COVID 19. If you have not renewed but still intend to do so, please bring your membership forms and signed waivers to your first ride and give it to one of the Execs or the Ride Coordinator. If you invite a friend, please download the form from our member forms page, and make sure to also download and have your friend sign the waivers. 

Although the rules in Ontario have relaxed with respect to COVID, the status can change at any time as infection rates increase. We need to be prepared to pivot in the worse-case scenario. Below are reminders we’ve sent out the last couple years that are worth reviewing and practicing where and when appropriate.

1) Stay at home and do not ride or attend club events if you feel unwell even if symptoms seem mild. Symptoms related to COVID-19 can be:

  • headache / runny nose
  • fever
  • cough
  • difficulty breathing
  • pneumonia in both lungs
  • chest pain or pressure

2) Avoid all physical contact before during and after rides and maintain a 2-metre distance from other riders – no handshakes or hugs. Remember to bring a mask and be prepared to wear it if entering a public space or supporting riders to change a tire, make a bike repair or fold a change tent to put it inside its holder.

3) Practice good respiratory etiquette and cough or sneeze into your elbow well away from other riders.

4) Refrain from spitting and/or blowing your nose while riding if possible. If you must clear your nose or throat, fall well back behind all other riders to do so. Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as soon as possible after. 

5) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

6) Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds after riding, before eating, and after using the bathroom. If there is no hand-wash basin available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol and use enough to allow hands to remain wet for 15 seconds. Consider carrying a small container of hand sanitizer in your jersey pocket or bike bag on all rides. 

7) Launder riding gloves between each ride along with jerseys, shorts, riding sleeves, skull caps, etc. 

8) Wash, rinse and sanitize water bottles after each ride – sanitize using a mild bleach solution containing 1/2 teaspoon regular household bleach in 1 litre of water.

In Closing

Your Execs and Ride Coordinators feel blessed to be in the company of such wonderful cycling buddies. Thank you again for your enthusiasm, energy and efforts in support of our club. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to comment on this post.

Aim to join us on April 15 at 10:00 am. at Brenda & Wayne’s for our first ride of the season. Even if you can’t ride, consider swinging by, at the beginning or end of the ride, to say hello. 

From your 2022 Exec & Ride Coordinator Team

  • Executive Team: Barb, Jennifer, Lilianne, Tara and Ruth
  • Friday Ride Coordinators: Brian & Gail
  • Tuesday Ride Coordinators: Sue & Marshall

Spring fever anyone?

Anyone else out there excited that Spring is around the corner? Your GFW execs are meeting today to get the ball rolling on our 2022 cycling season. We’ll be updating the website in the coming week and will get you the details soon via an email and a website post – if you have any suggestions or requests in the meantime, don’t hesitate to comment.

Riding from Garden Hill – Tuesday, November 2

And just when you thought it was time to put your cycling shoes and spandex to bed for the winter, hark, we have one more ride!

Join us at Pete and Ruth’s for the last official Tuesday ride of the season starting at 10:00 am. The route is one we’ve done before from our place. We’ll have printed maps available – distances range from 34 to 50 km.

Sunshine is called for, but bring your cold weather gear. If that doesn’t keep you warm, the hills in our area are sure to bring on the body heat. Picnic to follow – maybe a fire if conditions permit and hot chocolate for sure!

Riding from North Port Hope — Saturday, October 30

This Saturday, October 30 is our final ride of the season!

Bess is going to be our host, and it starts at 10 am from her home. Address is in the member directory and the calendar.

Doug Barlow is going to be our ride leader, and we will follow him wherever he takes us!

Plenty of space on Bess’s lawns and many great views in all directions. A wonderful place to celebrate our friendships, and put to rest the season. Please bring your picnic, chairs, etc etc.

Riding from the Baltimore Arena – Tuesday, October 26

We’re returning to the Baltimore Arena where another totally successful Freewheeler cycling season began way back on Good Friday, April 2nd. Did someone mention a Pandemic?

Marianne is hosting this Tuesday’s club ride and she invites you to join her on a fun ride through some of the best biking roads in the area as we begin the wind down of this year’s biking season. Maps will be provided at the start. Park close to the back of the arena so that you won’t have far to carry your lunch and comfy chair to our end of ride picnic.

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