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Riding from Carolyn Street Rink in Port Hope – June 19

Jennifer and Andy are our hosts for Tuesday’s ride that will start from the Caroline Street Rink’s parking lot at 40 Caroline Street in Port Hope (see map below). We’ll follow the 50-kilometre Tour de Cobourg route.

Lunch will be at a new Port Hope diner, the Local 90 Bar and Kitchen In Port Hope. Apparently, Jennifer twisted their arm to open up just for the Freewheelers, so plan to join us.

Join us this August in Ottawa!

Our tour weekend this year will be to Ottawa from Friday August 10 to Sunday, August 12, 2018. Visit our tour page for all the details. We’re aiming for this page (located on our main menu now) to be communication central, so if you decide to join us or have questions, make sure to comment on that page and keep visiting it for any updates.

Marshall and Richard have cooked up some awesome routes for both days. And Sue has arranged a group rate with a University of Ottawa residence from which both days’ rides will start. For something more fancy, there are of course many fine accommodation possibilities within walking distance to the residence.

Note that the residence booking page is password protected – to receive the password, you’ll need to email Marshall and request it.


Riding from Cobourg behind Dutch Oven – Friday, June 15

This is our first default ride of the season without a host!

Join us on Friday to ride the 52-kilometre (or shorter) Shelter Valley Road route from the parking lot behind the Dutch Oven in Cobourg (not the Cobourg Marina as mentioned in the map.

Those interested in riding (and dining afterwards), let us know in the comments and suggest a dining option.


Riding from the Mill in Cobourg – Tuesday, June 12

Vivian is our host for Tuesday’s ride beginning at 10 from the Mill in Cobourg.

Print out the Hilly 55er map, don your climbing legs and get ready for the views. Or take the shorter 42 kilometer route that has fewer hills! Please make sure you come to the Mill to start the ride, NOT to Donegan Park as suggested on the map (which will shave off a couple kilometers).

Lunch will follow at the Mill.

Riding from Port Hope Town Hall – Friday, June 8

Deb P. is hosting Friday’s ride from the Port Hope Town Hall. We’ll follow the Beautiful Bewdley route which is 51 km but can be shortened.

Note that Brian H. is planning to make a couple of changes to the route map so hold off until late Thursday/early Friday to print your maps.

Our apres-ride festivities will be at Turtle Johns in Port Hope.

Note: Next Friday, June 15 ride needs a host! Anyone up for it? Contact Brian H.


Riding from the Mill in Cobourg – Tuesday, June 5

Barb and John are again your hosts for our ride starting from The Mill in Cobourg on Tuesday at 10.  

We’ll follow the Miller’s Ride which has distances of 42 and 59 kilometres, with opportunities to shorten if you desire!

Lunch will follow at the Mill. Join us!

A message from Brian, your friendly Friday Ride Coordinator


As you undoubtedly know by now, I am looking after the Friday evening rides until the end of July when Peter takes over the onerous task.

Club members have been wonderful at hosting this year and we only need six more hosts (five Friday evening hosts and one Saturday / Sunday morning host) between now and the end of my watch.

Either you can host a ride from your home or from any other location in our riding area. You need to decide upon a route (which could simply be one of the many routes available on the Wonderful Website!) and either provide (paper) maps or ask folks to download them.

Most members who host rides from their homes also host a pot-luck supper afterwards, but this is not essential. Alternatively, you may elect to host a ride from a location other than your home and simply arrange for somewhere for folks to eat (restaurant, pub, picnic, etc.).

Also, July is my stay-at-home month, so if you would like to host a ride from your home without the hassle of planning a route, I would be delighted to look after the riding (route planning, ride leading, etc.) aspects for you.

The following rides need looking after as of May 25th, so step right up and volunteer for the good of your Club.

  • Friday June 8th
  • Saturday June 16th or Sunday June 17th (you get to choose!)
  • Friday June 29th
  • Friday July 6th
  • Friday July 22nd
  • Friday July 29th

If by the Tuesday before the Friday ride, no-one has volunteered as host, then “Plan B” will kick in. In that case, the ride calendar will say that the ride has no host. However, a starting location and route map for the ride will be announced by a post on the Website. It will be up to participants to figure out where to eat after the ride. One of the Friday Coordinators may, or may not, be there.

Thanks to the generosity of our members we haven’t actually had to enact “Plan B” yet this year. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep it that way?

Hosting a Friday ride can be quite painless – all you have to do is to email me at and say “I’ll do it!” and I will take it from there.