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Cycling from Cobourg Community Centre – Friday, September 28

Willy is hosting Friday’s ride starting from the Cobourg Comunity Centre (CCC) at 750 D’Arcy Street. His invitation is below. Note two starting times.

There will be 2 starting times: the first one at 4PM with riders returning to the CCC, then restarting at 5:30PM for the next stage. The route is a short version of the Shelter Valley Shuffle. After-ride event to be determined. Lights required.

Remember to bring a food donation for our Thanksgiving Food Drive!

An eager group of riders join Bob & Liz last Tuesday for a challenging ride and excellent soup!

Riding from Castleton – Tuesday, September 25

Harold King of the Corn Field!


Harold D. is your host for the next two Tuesday rides. Both rides will start from his home in Castleton. This Tuesday’s route will be a Warkworth Roller. Burgers are on Harold; bring along your potluck accompaniment, drinks, plates and utensils. Ruth is the backup lead for the ride, but she will be asking around to see if anyone who plans to attend would like to lead the ride.

In the spirit of a themed ride, we’re inviting members to donate to a Ganaraska Freewheelers food drive on the next three rides before Thanksgiving – i.e., the next two Tuesday rides hosted by Harold and Willy’s ride next Friday. We know you all have your favorite causes that you donate to, so certainly understand if you’d like to pass. However, in the spirit of gratitude for all the good things in our lives, as we near our Thanksgiving holiday, we’re asking you to bring a food offering for our club drive. If you’d prefer to give cash, Harold will have envelopes for you. We’ll aim to get all our donations to the food bank in time to be distributed for Thanksgiving. Thanks in advance!

Riding from East Haydon (Clarington) – Friday, September 21

Gail will host our Friday ride, starting at 5:30 and finishing at her home (listed in directory and on Calendar). Gail is designing a local route that includes a short and slightly longer loop due to the
earlier sunset. She’s aiming to make sure the ride does not go past 7:30pm. But make sure your bike lights are in working order, just in case!

Pot luck at the house will follow the ride. See you in East Haydon.

And just in case you were wondering (I know I was!!), that is Pete, and that is Gail, but she’s not holding hands with him – it’s an optical illusion!

Riding from Blackstock – Tuesday, September 18

Occo, Bob & Liz enjoy a treat at Ottawa rest stop

Liz and Bob are hosting Tuesday’s ride from their home in Blackstock. See their invitation below and plan to join us for a lovely Fall ride.

Come and ride the twist and turns of the Blackstock countryside and yes, we have hills here too! Liz will be serving up some of her homemade soups and dessert so no need to bring any of your own plates/cutlery. Bring a bathing suite if a dip in the pond after your ride sounds inviting.

We will provide the maps/ directions. It will be the same route as last year. The long ride is 49 kms, and the short is 35kms with an option to just ride down to Burketon Station and back for a 22 km ride.

Riding from Peterborough’s Beavermead Park – Sunday, September 16

Guess what Ruth is holding.

Weather is looking ominous for Friday and Saturday, so this week, we’ve moved the Friday ride to Sunday.

Meet Pete and Ruth at Beavermead Park in Peterborough for a 10:00 a.m. start. We’ll follow the  Lakefield and Young’s Point route, riding the trails to Lakefield, then over to Young’s Point. Full route is 57 but you can turn back anywhere along the trail or at Lakefield to shorten the route.

Join us afterwards for lunch at St. Veronus at 129 Hunter Street West.


Riding from Victoria Park – Tuesday, September 11

Since we were rained out a few weeks ago, and we’re without a host for Tuesday’s ride, we’ll repeat that plan and follow the Go Fourth route from Victoria Park (28 Victoria Street South) in Port Hope.

Riders can decide a lunch venue. Join us at 10 to start the ride.


Riding from Garden Hill – Friday, September 7

Pete and Ruth are hosting Friday’s ride starting at 5:30 from their place in Garden Hill.

The route is 44 kilometres with options to shorten to 34 and 20 kilometres. All options have hills as they are hard to avoid near us! We’ll have maps for everyone.

Make sure you have working lights! It’s getting dark earlier which is why we’re keeping the distance lower than usual.

Standard pot luck will follow – bring your stuff. There will be table tennis after dinner for those who are interested!

Exercise caution on the rough gravel driveway!