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Riding from Sylvan Glen – Friday, July 16

This is a repeat of the Friday ride 2 weeks ago that was cancelled due to rain.

Brian is our host for this Friday’s ride. His invitation is below. Let’s cross our fingers for good weather!

This Friday’s ride will start at the Sylvan Glen Conservation Area at the “new normal” time of 5 PM. The route will be Beautiful Bewdley – the map actually starts at the Port Hope Town Hall, but we will pick it up at Sylvan Glen. On the return leg we may, or may not, take in the Town Hall as there will be lots of other options!

Come prepared for an apres-ride swim and picnic. Do you like this old picture of Sylvan Glen? Although Sylvan Glen will likely be quite busy at 5 PM, it usually quietens down in the evening.


  1. Barbara Spencer says:

    We plan to be there, thanks Brian. The weather seems to change, well, with the breeze so we’ll plan on it.


  2. bradyperkin says:

    Sorry I am away this wknd. Andy is playing tennis. Enjoy…..


  3. BrianH says:

    It’s a Friday and the sun is actually shining😀 Great day for a bike ride!


  4. Sue Pott says:

    Can the 4 of us go this morning instead of tonight since were the only ones?


  5. Peter says:

    Ruth and I are planning to ride but can’t do earlier.


  6. Irene says:

    Our son and grandson are arriving this evening with the possibility that Isaac will be with us for 2 weeks. So not sure how this will affect our cycling schedule.


  7. Marshall says:

    If the weather hangs in I’m planning to join in on the ride but will be skipping the After Picnic.


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