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Riding from Fraserville – Tuesday, June 29

Paul is our host for Tuesday’s ride starting from Whitfield Landing east of Fraserville. His invitation is below. Socially-distanced picnic will follow so bring your stuff! Hope to see you there.

We are doing the airport ride but starting from Whitfield Landing on the Otonabee river. It is a 48 Km. down and back to Campbellcroft and Garden Hill with a 40 Km cutoff route.

The simplest way to get to Whitfield Landing is to drive north from Port Hope on County Road 28 to Whitfield Road (Fraserville. Esso station on corner). Turn right and drive straight. Where the road turns left, continue straight through a gateway to the river.

I checked it yesterday and it seems fine. No mosquitos when I was there. They were adding gravel to the road around the airport runway, so I am hoping they will put calcium on it. Starting at Whitfield landing avoids that stretch of road. I will make new maps that I will hand out at the ride.


  1. Sue says:

    See you there.


  2. Elizabeth Henderson says:

    One step forward, two steps back. Just to let everyone know, my left knee surgery went well but with 4 weeks left of my post op recovery I torn my right calf muscle so biking may not be possible for a little while longer. Guess I will have to keep dreaming about GRW’s rides. Miss you guys, Liz


  3. bradyperkin says:

    We shall ride and picnic thereafter.


  4. John Spencer says:

    See you tomorrow if all my parts are working in the morning.


  5. Barry Montgomery says:

    Lilianne will ride, but Barry will be at home to have our hot water tank replaced.


  6. Barry Montgomery says:

    Hope you are back on the road very soon, Liz.


  7. Irene says:

    Richard and I are hoping to ride tomorrow, so long as our ebikes don’t fall off the bike-rack enroute to Whitfield Landing!


  8. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth will be there if it isn’t raining!


  9. Paul Buttimor says:

    Both Environment Canada and the Weather Network give a low chance of precipitation tomorrow until later in the afternoon. So the ride is on. I will do a final update tomorrow morning at 8 am. See you there….Paul


    • BrianH says:

      Can’t make this one as I am heading to Silent Lake for a final camping trip prior to my self-imposed July lockdown 😀🚴‍♂️🍺


  10. Paul Buttimor says:

    Environment Canada says showers may start at 3 pm, so I think we are good to go. See you there….Paul


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