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Riding from Sylvan Glen – Friday, July 2

Brian is our host for this Friday’s ride. His invitation is below. Let’s cross our fingers for good weather!

This Friday’s ride will start at the Sylvan Glen Conservation Area at the “new normal” time of 5 PM. The route will be Beautiful Bewdley – the map actually starts at the Port Hope Town Hall, but we will pick it up at Sylvan Glen. On the return leg we may, or may not, take in the Town Hall as there will be lots of other options!

Come prepared for an apres-ride swim and picnic. Do you like this old picture of Sylvan Glen? Although Sylvan Glen will likely be quite busy at 5 PM, it usually quietens down in the evening.


  1. Barbara Spencer says:

    What a wonderful picture! Planning to be there, thank you Brian.


  2. Sue says:

    Love the picture. I’ll be there Friday.


  3. bradyperkin says:

    Will expect a marquis for us too Brian……I shall be there Andy is a maybe ….as playing tennis in Ajax again fridays!


    • bradyperkin says:

      Weather is not looking very promising…..I could do a rain date for Sat. But cannot do Sun. …..let us know if anyone interested please.


      • Barbara Spencer says:

        It doesn’t look great for tomorrow. We can’t do Saturday. A maybe for John on Sunday but not me.


  4. Brian says:

    Since it is Friday, naturally, there are showers in the forecast😂 As things open up, and more of us have weekend commitments, it becomes increasingly problematic to change a Friday ride to a weekend gig at the last minute. Also, although Sylvan Glen works well for a Friday evening, it can get quite busy on a weekend afternoon. So, unless it is actually raining, I am planning to be at Sylvan Glen at 5 PM today. However, even if it isn’t raining, I may not be up for a very long ride as I am going mountain biking (hopefully in the dry!) this morning. If anyone wishes to plan something for Saturday or Sunday, they should feel free to do so 😀🚴‍♂️😀


  5. Sue Pott says:

    I think I am going to cancel for tonight as I am babysitting today and I’m exhausted. I also don’t want to take a chance on going over if it’s going to rain. See you Tuesday.


    • bradyperkin says:

      It’s raining here now & thunder rolling through so we shall not be coming either. Happy to ride tomorrow or Sun @10 ……grandkids coming later now so can do either. Please let us know if anyone in for that or we shall just go from here…..


  6. Brian says:

    3:00 PM: Just back from a most “interesting” mountain bike ride! The weather was perfect (sunny and a great temperature) for the first half then, in the space of 10-min, the sunshine gave way to a downpour, the trails turned into streams and I was wishing I had worn a wetsuit! Naturally, after I was thoroughly wet and muddy the sun came back out! I encountered a torrential downpour on the drive home but now the rain has almost quit. As these heavy showers will likely continue on-and-off for the remainder of the afternoon I think we should abandon the idea of a ride tonight.


  7. Barbara Spencer says:

    Too wet and iffy for us so good call to call the ride for tonight,Brian.


  8. BrianH says:

    Naturally, the rain quit shortly before 5 PM! However, it did look pretty iffy for a while after that although it didn’t actually rain here in PH.
    Unless anyone has a better plan, I propose that we try the Sylvan Glen ride again next Friday. However, don’t be shy if you would like to volunteer to lead something different.


    • Barbara Spencer says:

      Brian I just volunteered to do this coming Friday but I would love to do your ride from Sylvan Glen and we can do another one if you like.


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