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Riding from Wicklow Beach – Tuesday, July 21

Eden United Church – 1874 – Dundonald, Ontario

This Tuesday’s “after-ride picnic” will take place on Wicklow beach, preceded by a scenic 48 Km ride (start time 10:00) up to the village of Dundonald and back. Everyone should pass through Dundonald once in their life. A 34 Km route (but no Dundonald) is also available for those who may prefer a shorter ride.

Download route map and print


Link to GPS map

Mr Ford is now allowing us to meet in groups of up to 50 (but following all social distancing rules)is . We will still limit riding groups to 10 for conventional safety reasons.

Keep in mind that the party is only open to club members and if this is your first ride of the season, make sure you’ve signed your COVID 19 Waiver and read the GFW response to COVID 19.

See you at the beach. Be sure to bring a comfy chair, a yummy lunch, a favorite beverage, bathing suit, towel and the desire to maybe climb a few hills.

Please comment if you are planning to join the fun.


  1. jenp83 says:

    We’ll be there!


  2. bradyperkin says:

    I shall come without Andy this time. Please, please no further mishaps……fingers crossed.


  3. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth are looking forward to riding.


  4. Marshall says:

    Paul B and I test rode the route this morning and we both totally enjoyed all 48 kms of the ride. The route is a variation of Brian H’s “Telephone Road Madness” that some of you will remember from last year, but with much less of Telephone Road. A special thanks to Brian as I was able to use his map with just a couple of easy changes. Also a thanks to Paul B for mentioning Turk Road to me, a road that I never biked before. You will no doubt enjoy the 10 kms along this road from Vernonville to the Village (now just a church) of Dundonald.

    The final couple of K along Lakeport Rd just before Wicklow Beach was torn up last week but it’s ride-able, just has to be taken slowly.

    Also, Tuesday’s weather is expected to be another hot one so I’m recommending that we have our after ride picnic in the shaded tree area (lots of grass, trees and shade) at the south east corner of the Boat Launch parking lot. There is no way you would have wanted to sit on the beach this morning. For anyone that wants a quick swim. its just a short walk up to the beach. Please park in the area on arrival.

    Another bonus, the “Johnnie on the Spot” in the parking lot is is super clean, at least it was today, hopefully still on Tuesday.

    See you all Tuesday.


  5. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and I will be there and will bring a picnic lunch be ready for anything. Is Telephone Mountain on the route?


  6. Barry Montgomery says:

    Lilianne & Barry will be there.


  7. Barry says:

    Lilianne & Barry will be there.


  8. Sue Pott says:

    I’ll be there, with my chair.


  9. Sue Pott says:

    I’ll be there, with my chair.


  10. BrianH says:

    Thanks, Marshall, for a most enjoyable day. I loved the route (well, maybe not the “tarry bit” 😀) and the Wicklow Beach park was perfect for our apres-ride festivities. Personally, I think our “New Tuesday Normal” is wonderful!


  11. Marshall says:

    Fun time everyone!

    (Jen & TJ, Jennifer & Andy, Barb & John, Lilianne & Barry, Ruth & Pete, Sue, Paul, Brian H, and Marshall)

    Sorry about all that road work. You would have thought with our goal being to bike to the Dundonald United Church that we would have had better luck.


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