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Riding from the Port of Newcastle – Friday, July 24

Mich, Mel and Paul enjoying peaches

Come explore some new paths with Mich and Mel. Their invitation is below.

The start of our ride will be in the Port of Newcastle, from the parking lot of Wilmot Conservation Area at the bottom of Toronto Street. However Toronto Street is under construction so you cannot take it from the 401. You have to go through the Port subdivision.

There are no facilities there but should be ample parking and room for chairs afterwards.

The ride will start with paths, then the new subdivision roads along the lake to another path, then paths north along Soper Creek and then more new paths. Finally we empty onto country roads with nice pavement and no hills. 48 kms in total, with shortcuts if you desire.

Maps will be provided at the start. Below is an image and if you’d like to print out your own advanced copy, just click on the image!


  1. Sue Pott says:

    See you there.


  2. Barbara Spencer says:

    Barb and John will be there.


  3. Katherine Smith says:

    I should be there!


  4. bradyperkin says:

    Andy hopes to attend solo.


  5. Brian Charles Hedney says:

    I plan to be there (minus stitches!)


  6. BrianH says:

    I plan to be there (minus stitches!j


  7. Peter says:

    Ruth and I plan to ride.


  8. Marshall says:

    Already biking some of the Waterfront Trail this morning with Glennis and a couple of friends. Will try to join you depending how the day goes. Interesting route, would love to try it.


  9. Michel says:

    Attendance was: Barb & John, Catherine, Jen, Sue, Andy, Marshall, Pete & Ruth, Brian H., Doug & Joanne, Michel, with Melanie attending apres.


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