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Riding from Cobourg – Saturday, June 1

Diane on the right is opening her door on Saturday!

In lieu of a Friday ride this week there will be a special ride on Saturday June 1stst. We are planning a Doors Open Northumberland ride in which we will visit some of the 28 available locations. Although there are venues located throughout our county, we are only visiting a few that are located in Cobourg, Grafton and (for the longer route) Castleton. Since this is a 2-day event, you may wish to visit some of the others (particularly those in Port Hope) at your leisure on Sunday. Details of this exciting event can be found here.

Logistics for Saturday June 1st

  • Meet at the home of Diane McCormick in Cobourg. Di’s address can be found in the member section of our Website. There is ample free parking on her street.
  • The ride will start promptly at 10:00 AM.
  • There will be a pot-luck lunch at Di’s, but not starting until 3:00 PM. You should, therefore, consider bringing some snacks, or $$ to purchase some. The new café at the Grafton Inn has excellent coffee and munchies!
  • A small lock for your precious bike is recommended.

The Rides

There will be two rides – a short 33km and a longer 62 km ride!

  • The short ride essentially goes from Cobourg to Grafton and back and is 33 km in length. Di will be in charge of this group.
  • After visiting one or two venues in Cobourg, the long ride heads off along C.R.2 to Grafton, where we will linger for about one hour. There are a number of interesting Open Doors locations in the village and, of course, there is the café at the Grafton Inn. We then head to Castleton via Shelter Valley Road, Pipeline Road and Old Shelter Valley Road. The return to Cobourg is by means of C.R.22, Broomfield Rd., Eddystone Rd., Boomerang Rd., Clouston Rd., Grills Rd., The Scots Line, Hoskin Rd., Danforth Rd., Brookfield Rd., and C.R.2. It is 62 km in length.
  • Please print, and bring with you to the ride, a copy of the linked Doors Open 62 km route map. Brian H. has offered his services as a Tour Guide for the long ride group.

The Venues

The short ride group will likely visit more venues than the long ride group. The venues we could visit are as follows.

  • (Cobourg) Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre
  • (Cobourg) Golden Rail Pub at Legion Village
  • (Grafton) Barnum House
  • (Grafton) St. George’s Anglican Church
  • (Grafton) The Canning Factory
  • (Grafton) The Weslevan Methodist Meeting House
  • (Castleton – long ride only) The Mill at Piper Creek
  • Also in Grafton, across from the Grafton Inn, is Art Salad (an outdoor art show and sale). (Note: Ruth and Pete participated in it last year and thought it was a great event.)

There is obviously a lot going on in Grafton (including a café visit) so the long ride folks may wish to read up ahead of time in order to maximize the one hour that they will have there. The “express train to Castleton” will not wait in the Grafton Station for more than 60 minutes!

Be sure to join us on Saturday for a bit of local history!


  1. Sue says:

    Sorry Di, I will miss this ride since my sisters and I are taking Mum to lunch and then to Guys and Dolls in Port Hope.


  2. Klaus says:

    Saturdays are not good for me…sorry.


    • Klaus says:

      You may or may not be aware of the Provincial Town Criers Championship being held in Cobourg on The Esplanade starting at 9:00 and also behind the Grafton Inn in the afternoon (2:00)…maybe something worth working into your “tour”?


  3. Can’t make this one…dang! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


  4. Barbara Spencer says:

    We’re planning to come Diane. Great idea.


  5. Irene says:

    Richard and are planning to ride, Di. I’ve been wanting to check out Barnum House for ages 😊


  6. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    Most likely, I will be there for the short ride and social after, but I will figure a way to eat earlier.


  7. BrianH says:

    Hosts needed for Friday June 7th and Friday June 14th!
    Just letting everyone know that we are in need of ride hosts for the next two Fridays. Don’t be shy – step right up and volunteer! Either you can host a ride from your home or you can pick a route from the Website and make it a restaurant ride.


  8. BrianH says:

    Looks like we are in for a nice day😀
    I am planning to ride the 62 km route for sure, but I am not staying for lunch as I need to go home and pack!


  9. Michel says:

    Pretty M and M are coming, but will be there late. We will ride the route, hopefully catching up to you somewhere to ride back with you for the pot lucky at 3!


  10. BrianH says:

    Thanks, Di, for coming up with this wonderful idea and for hosting us at your lovely home. Very much appreciated!


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