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Cycling from Port Hope Town Hall – Tuesday, May 28

The Blossom Riders

Marshall invites you below to our upcoming Tuesday ride!

Although Mother Nature seems a little slow of the start line, it’s that “blossom” time of the year – i.e., time for the Ganaraska Freewheelers’ 6th annual “Port Hope Blossom Ride”. Yes, it’s been 5 years since we headed out from the Port Hope Town Hall on our first blossom ride ending with an amazing time on The Beamish patio. 

Come on out this Tuesday and join your biking friends on this annual fun ride. The route has been changed up a bit this year, but we’ll still be hitting all the usual “not to be missed” views – Baulch Rd lilac tunnel, Loyalist Road and 4th Line apple orchards, Bethel Grove hills of lilacs, Vimy Ridge lilac show plus climb and the amazing fields of lilacs at Cranberry Road and the 401.

All ending with lunch at The Beamish, hopefully on the patio.

Ride details at a glance are:

  • Start location: Port Hope Town Hall (Victoria Street Ball Park for the non climbers)
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Distance: 58 kms with 3 shortcuts of 39, 45 or 50 kms
  • Lunch: The Beamish (hoping for patio weather)

Here’s hoping that Mother Nature AND the Weather Gods are with us on Tuesday.


  1. Sue says:

    If it’s not raining I will be there.


  2. Klaus says:

    I intend to ride if the weather cooperates but you may have to rename the ride as the dandelion ride.
    Also, parking at the town hall was difficult a couple of weeks ago so folks may want to park in the old Canadian Tire lot…just a thought.


    • BrianH says:

      Better still – Lake-Land Place which is a little closer to the Town Hall and is actually owned by the Town.


  3. Barbara Spencer says:

    We are planning to ride and lunch. The blossoms are working on putting on a show for us.


  4. Marshall says:

    The weather network is currently showing a 40% chance of rain for our riding window of 10 AM to 1 PM on Tuesday. I’ll be watching this closely and will comment by 8:00 on a go / no go. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that weather will cooperate.

    On the blossom front it will be a ride blossoms or not. I actually saw a couple of blossoms pop out on one of our lilac bushes today so who knows what we’ll have by Tuesday morning. It will be fun to get out there and see exactly what is blooming…….Make sure you have your cameras (or phones) so we can get some pictures of whatever there is.

    There is no doubt that the blossoms will be far from peak on Tuesday so I’m planning to redo this ride on Wednesday, June 5th to check out the difference and you are all welcome to join me. More on this plan later.

    Please comment on whether you plan to ride on Tuesday to help me with the reservations at the Beamish, now that’s thinking positive.

    Also, please let us know where you plan to start from – Port Hope Town hall (make that Lake Land Place parking lot) or from the Victoria St ballpark. Those starting from the ballpark should wait for the climbers so we can ride together for the first while, at least to the first shortcut at CR 2 and Deerpark Rd.

    Looking forward to a blooming good time. See you all on Tuesday…..


  5. Liz Henderson says:

    Bob and I will plan to ride and will park at the Victoria St ballpark and will stay for lunch at the Beamish providing if the weather is in our favour. Heres hoping


  6. Sue says:

    I will climb and will stay for lunch, Marshall.


  7. Irene says:

    Weather gods permitting, we shall be cycling and lunching …. and starting from Victoria St. 🙂


  8. Lilianne Denis says:

    I’ll ride from the park, and lunch if weather permits. Barry has a cold, so won’t be there.


  9. Marshall says:

    In following the rules of being a good host, I’ve just driven tomorrow’s route to verify that all is good (well really just to check to see if by chance there were any blossoms yet) and I’m excited to report that the blossoms are actually popping out. Its amazing what a couple of days of sunshine will do. They are far from peak but I would say that the apple blossoms on Loyalist Rd and 4th line are 50 % out and there is actually some good lilac colour showing on Bethel Grove and Vimy Ridge.

    Also Anderson Rd is not in the best of shape, hard packed but with some gravel in places. Its still bikable, just take your time and besides its the only way up to the apple blossoms on Loyalist.

    Just a reminder to print your own map by clicking on “The Route” link on the above posting.

    So now all we need is for the weather to cooperate. Watch for my decision at 8:00 AM tomorrow.


  10. BrianH says:

    Just back from Prince Edward County where the blossoms were really getting there. If tomorrow is indeed on the damp side, any thought about holding the “6th Annual “ on Thursday? I would say Wednesday but I don’t think that works for Marshall. This week’s Friday ride is on Saturday so maybe the Tuesday ride could be on Thursday. Just a thought. It would be a pity to cancel after all of Marshall’s hard work.


  11. twocamels says:

    Ruth will ride if the weather cooperates.


  12. Marshall says:

    Lets get this over with, no point sitting here until 8:00 hoping a miracle happens. Things are a mess out there at the moment and although the Weather Network radar is showing that it will clear up somewhat after 10:00, I believe there has been enough damage done already to make it a somewhat miserable blossom ride. What blossoms popped out yesterday will be hiding their little heads this morning. I’m cancelling it for today.

    I’m open for a rain date, tomorrow or Thursday if enough riders are up for it or if interested you can all join me on my Wednesday ride next week, June 5th. The Blossom show should still be in great shape next week.

    Lets have a show of hands for tomorrow vs next Wednesday.


  13. twocamels says:

    I’m open for either but on new grand baby alert so can’t promise.


  14. Barbara Spencer says:

    Thanks Marshall. Very disappointing after all your planning as we were really looking forward to this. I volunteer on Wednesdays so can’t do those days. John can though. We are both available on Thursday.


  15. BrianH says:

    It would be a shame not to do this ride after all your hard work, Marshall. Either Wednesday or Thursday would work for me.


  16. Klaus says:

    Neither Wednesday or Thursday mornings work for me😞


  17. Sue says:

    Marshall I can’t go tomorrow since the OCC is having their PE County lilac ride, which people could probably join us on with a waiver if you want. Thursday is out unless we go at 8 a.m. 🙂
    Next Wednesday I will definitely go with you.


  18. Liz Henderson says:

    Thanks for all of your planning Marshall, sadly Weds/Thursday will not work for me but I do hope the weather cooperates


  19. Lilianne Denis says:

    I could ride on Thursday.. Thanks, Marshall, for keeping the ball rolling.


  20. Marshall says:

    Well here it is 5:30 and its still not all that nice out there. We certainly made the right decision in canceling today’s ride. It would not have been much fun. No sun today so still no real advance in the blossoms and I don’t think its going to change all that much over the next couple of days. With that thought in mind I’ve decided to forego any further attempt at this ride until next week. It was always in my plans to redo today’s ride next Wednesday, June 5th to check out the difference in the Blossoms so I’m sticking with that plan and hoping that some of you will join me. We can talk more about it at next Tuesday’s ride.


    • BrianH says:

      Yes, Marshall, you definitely made the right call regarding today’s scheduled ride. It most definitely was a dreary one😂 Can’t make next Wednesday as I am across the frontier with my trailer in tow! Have a good one😀


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