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Cycling from Baltimore – Friday, May 24

The thrill of the climb!

Below is a 2-part message from Brian H. inviting you to Friday’s ride and proposing an exciting event for you to attend on Saturday.

Friday, May 24

Friday’s ride starts from the home of Brenda and Wayne at the usual time of 5:30 PM.

Ride Leaders are Brian Hedney and Wayne McRoberts. The Route is the Northumberland Classic. Please print your own map.

This Friday’s route map actually shows a start from the Baltimore Community Centre, an easy 2 km ride from the home of Brenda and Wayne. The 45 km route starts by following the 20 km course that will be used the following day for the Northumberland Classic OCA race (see below under Saturday). This includes an ascent of the delightful Northumberland Heights Road! Although the route is 45 km in length, you will see from the map that there are several options available to shorten it. However, we are sure no Freewheelers would choose to by-pass the Northumberland Heights hill!

Après-ride pot-luck chez Brenda & Wayne.

Saturday May 25

The Province’s top cyclists will be in our neck of the woods on this day for an Ontario Cup race that starts at the Baltimore Community Centre. Further details about the Ontario Cup event can be found on the attached PDF and in this Northumberlnd News article from last year –  https://www.northumberlandnews.com/sports-story/8579504-cycling-race-comes-to-northumberland/.

Although this is not a GFW event, it could be an excellent opportunity to watch elite cyclists in action on a course that we will have ridden the evening before. These racers will ride up to eight laps of the course which, of course, means ascending Northumberland Heights hill up to eight times!


  1. Brian Neale says:

    Sorry we will be camping!


  2. jenp83 says:

    Will be there for the climb and potluck.


  3. I will be there for the ride and the food! Looking forward to riding and seeing everyone!


  4. Katherine Smith says:

    I am going to be there as well. Are we picking out the viewing options for Saturday?


  5. Barbara Spencer says:

    We’ll be there!


  6. bradyperkin says:

    Ciao we shall be elsewhere……Puglia with all my U.K family. I remember that climb and altho’ I made it….just…last year have my doubts I would this year so not sorry to miss this one Brian and Wayne. Enjoy! 😊


  7. Irene says:

    Richard and I will be cycling and for supper – though I think I’ll give the Northumberland Heights a miss 😊


  8. BrianH says:

    I checked out the route today, and I regret to inform you that the Northumberland Heights Hill has gained some extra elevation over the winter – or at least that’s how it seemed to me😀 The roads are in pretty good shape in spite of the fact that Hamilton Township doesn’t appear to own a road sweeper! The hills of Northumberland await your presence!


  9. Brenda says:

    Wayne and I look forward to seeing everyone! Don’t forget to come to the potluck even if you don’t want to ride up Norrhumberland Heights road!!


  10. Marshall says:

    Planning to be there this evening. I have to try that hill.


  11. Michel says:

    Sorry can’t be there tonight, but no worries, shall climb the hill another : – ) day.


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