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Ride Reminder – Tuesday July 11

Woman on a bike on a road going through the forest
As mentioned in a post a few weeks back, Sue is hosting Tuesday’s ride from her cottage on Balsam Lake. Join us as early as Monday and/or stay over on Tuesday after the ride and potluck. See the member calendar for the address.
Here are all the details you’ll need to join in the fun. Please comment if you’ll be there:
For those arriving on Monday, anytime after 11, we will have a potluck for supper.  I will have a lasagne made.  I will also make porridge for Tuesday morning or people can bring their own breakfast.
We can sleep about 12 people in the cottage so let me know if you would like a room reserved.
The ride starts at 10 – I have a 52 k route planned and an 80 k route.  The 80 k has a stop for lunch but you might want a bar or two in your pocket because we probably won’t get there until 1.
We will have a potluck on Tuesday around 4:30 or 5 after swimming and hanging out at the cottage, so  we will need appetizers, salads, mains, desserts, BYOB, whatever you feel like bringing.  I will have a pie made, not sure what else.
Please bring sleeping bags, pillow cases, towels, bathing suits, kayaks if you want.
You are welcome to stay both nights if you wish. If it rains, hopefully not, you are still welcome to come up.
We will fit a ride in somehow.  😊
Looking forward to seeing you there.


  1. vivian says:

    We’ll be there Monday. Thanks Sue!


  2. twocamels says:

    Ruth & Pete too!


  3. Sue says:

    Hopefully no one is scared off by the 80 k route! There are two options for a 50 to 54 k route as well. And there are no hills to speak of. It’s very flat up there. If you need to contact me please note my cell number from our member list. Or maybe Ruth has put it on our ride calendar. Hope to see you there.


  4. turneywo says:

    I’m game to ride the “relaxed route” if there are others wanting to join.
    I also plan to drive up and back on Tuesday for anyone wanting a ride.

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  5. kschroeder1 says:

    Sorry Sue, but I will be unable to do this ride😞


  6. Barry says:

    We cannot make it Sue. Lil will be on her way to Alberta.


  7. Marshall says:

    Sue, I’ll be there for the ride and potluck on Tuesday, but not staying over. Glennis will not be coming. Her knee is really bothering so she can’t ride. She is seeing the doctor on it tomorrow.


  8. Irene says:

    Sue we have Grandparental duties for the next 4 weeks. The season started early this year! Actually if Isaac had a decent bike am sure he could out-cycle me as he’s almost 10 now.


  9. bhedney says:

    Sorry, Sue, but I am not going to make it to your cottage on this occasion.


  10. Barbara Spencer says:

    Still on my way back from NB Sue. Sorry!


  11. Peter says:

    Thanks Sue for hosting and leading the cycling and kayak tours. Really enjoyed it.


  12. twocamels says:

    Thanks Sue for opening your cottage to us – porridge, fruit pie and cycling were awesome, loved the loons, the conversations and the games.


  13. kschroeder1 says:



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