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Ride Reminder – Friday, July 7

Brian H. is your host for next Friday’s ride. Meet at the Arena in Bewdley, 7060 Lake Street at 5:30 PM. Post a Comment if you require directions.

The route is The Scenic Ride. It is 51 km in length, but there are many shortcuts to be had.

It should be noted that the full distance includes a little jog up the infamous Jamieson hill 🙂

For those interested, cold beer (and gourmet food) will be served at the Rhino after the ride.




  1. BrianH says:

    This is one of our favourite Tuesday rides, so if you have missed out be sure to be there on Friday!


  2. vivian says:

    We will ride and dine weather permitting.


  3. Peter says:

    Ruth and I will plan to ride and dine. One of my favorite routes.


  4. Marianne says:

    Looking forward to it ! ( well most of it…maybe not the jamieson climb 🙂 but i remember a great view from the top !)


  5. BrianH says:

    Great – another one of those days when we COULD get a little rain! I will be at the Bewdley arena at 5:30 PM regardless and will head out on the bike if the meteorological conditions are favourable.


  6. Jennifer says:

    Andy & I will be there but not dining this time as kids are home for a visit.


  7. kschroeder1 says:

    Sorry Brian but events will not allow me to join you on this, one of my favourite, rides.
    Also, I would encourage all members to review the 2017 survey results!!


  8. Melanie says:

    Mich and I are planning on riding tonight. I didn’t go to work today so I can make I! Wahoo!


  9. BrianH says:

    Great ride last night – thank you everyone for making the trek up to Bewdley. We should do this again sometime:)


  10. twocamels says:

    Thanks Brian – lovely route, great idea.


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