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Joint Ride Reminder – Saturday, July 15

There is no Friday ride this week. Instead, we’re joining the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club for a ride along the Lang Hastings Trail.

Meet in Hastings at Lock 18 for a 10:00 a.m. ride start and a route that has something for everyone!

You’ll find the full details here on the NHCC website.




  1. Barb Spencer says:

    Does anyone know if the trail is suitable for road bikes? Or if there is a map? I don’t see one for the road ride on the NHCC site.


    • twocamels says:

      Hey Barb – as this is a NHCC ride, can you make a comment on their site – Maria is inviting comments and your question will be of interest to other riders, ours included.


    • twocamels says:

      Map is simple as it is out and back. There was some discussion of having one, but it was such a simple route, the need was questioned. You can also ask Maria about the map decision.


    • jenp83 says:

      What about a map toCrowe’s Landing?


  2. kschroeder1 says:

    I know that this will not be a “road bike” ride. We did this a couple of years ago and I found it much more comfortable on my “town” bike…so leave your road bike at home…for those who have the luxury of more than one bike.😊


  3. kschroeder1 says:

    Oh, and I won’t be able to ride this due to family obligations…


  4. Wilfried Elzner says:

    I will be parking west beside Banjos and public washrooms are at Lock 18, I will be road riding to Stoney Lake Market in Crowes Landing,the route is out and back. Take #45 north and than #40 north and return at your leisure.


    • Wilfried Elzner says:

      That is option number 2


    • bhedney says:

      Is there a paved shoulder on C.R. 45 between Hastings and Norwood? I don’t really like the notion of riding on a busy (it is the weekend) highway with no shoulder. What is 40, north from Norwood, like for traffic?


      • Wilfried Elzner says:

        No their is no paved shoulder on #45, #40 is a beautiful county road and imagine it is flat for 20 km


  5. Sue says:

    I will do option two ,Willy.


  6. Irene says:

    Weather forecast for Saturday looks good 😊 So Richard will be cycling the trail out and back. We’re kinda map oriented family, so any basic map would be extra nice.


  7. Irene says:

    Wahoo, Richard found a map which shows the trail, I believe it’s the one that goes all the way to Peterborough. 🙂


  8. Jennifer says:

    Andy & I hope to find our way there……


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