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Ride Reminder – Friday, June 2

Our new members, Jennifer and Andy, will host this Friday’s ride from their home in Campbellcroft.

Brian H. has finalized a brand new route called The Oak Hills with distances of 50 and 37 kilometres. The map is now in the Port Hope section of our local routes.

Pot luck will follow, so pull out your favorite recipes! Beware of two big lovable dogs.

Please comment if you plan to join the ride or the social afterwards. And, if you do, may you bring good weather in your wake.Save




  1. bhedney says:

    The route map has now been finalized for Friday’s ride being hosted by Jennifer and Andy. There are two distances – 50 km and 37 km. The longer ride takes you up Starkville Hill, one of the Club’s “favourites”. Look for the route map on the Website and bring your copy of “The Oak Hills” to the ride on Friday.


  2. Jennifer & Andy says:

    Thanks Brian for completing The Oak Hills map! Weather is now saying only 40 % chance of rain…..was 70 % so let’s hope it continues to improve.


  3. twocamels says:

    Ok the map now lives on Local Routes but I’ve also updated the post so that you can easily access it by clicking on it. Ruth and Pete plan to ride and join the potluck. Thanks for hosting Jennifer & Andy.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Our Campbellcroft address is confusing…….we are north of Elizabethville…..Beaver Meadow N to Stop sign turn left onto Oak Hill and go up lane way to the left of red brick farm house. Weather is now looking more promising……20% rain….


  5. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    Hopefully we will be there, Brian may not ride but the pot luck sounds delightful!


    • Jennifer says:

      Jacquie come with a book and just stay in the house. Gideon and Piper are overly friendly but I can put them behind a kids gate for you while we are gone. Brian I am doing the 37 k ride ……


  6. kschroeder1 says:

    37 Km looks good to me. I will ride and stay for the potluck.


  7. Marianne says:

    I have an appointment after work but am hoping to make it !


  8. vivian says:

    Harold and I will ride and stay for the potluck


  9. Katherine Smith says:

    Hi…. I am not certain that I am riding, but will be there for the potluck.


    • Jennifer says:

      If you get here before we are back from riding Katherine just come in…..dogs will be behind a gated area but are friendly, honest!


  10. Joanne Barlow says:

    Doug & I will be at ride & pot luck


  11. Elizabeth Fellows says:

    I am coming for the pot luck but not the ride.


  12. Barb Spencer says:

    Great first hosted ride and pot luck Jennifer and Andy! Amazing hills!


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