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Riding from Orono Park – Tuesday, August 10

Marshall will be leading this Tuesday’s ride and he invites you to join him at Orono Park at 10:00 for a fun 56 K (shorter 45 K also available) relatively flat ride through the Bowmanville and Newcastle area. The mixture of roads and bike paths includes the new path that goes under the 401 connecting Bowmanville safely to the Waterfront Trail.

Don’t forget your comfy chair, favourite beverage and yummy lunch for our picnic social in the park.

Just a thought, we’ll be passing through the Port of Newcastle, maybe allowing us a chance to have a sidewalk visit with Mel or better yet with Orono being so close, wouldn’t be great if Mel and Mich could join us at our picnic social.

A note from your Tuesday Ride Coordinators:

Sue has completed her Tuesday ride coordinating duties with this Tuesday’s ride and has now handed the baton on to Marshall. Loads of fun rides and socials, (both Tuesdays and Fridays) still ahead of us. Check out the club calendar, grab some of dates and let your second half coordinators (Tuesday Marshall and Friday Katherine) what dates you want.


  1. BrianH says:

    As long as the weather cooperates, I shall be there.


  2. John says:

    Keep the rain away. See you in the morning.


  3. Marianne says:

    Will be there…”Lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise !”


  4. bradyperkin says:

    Yay …..Andy & Jennifer have a new grandson as of this AM, Levi @ 7 lbs. 11 oz.. We will make Tues. ride probably not Fridays though.


  5. Lilianne Denis says:

    We’ll be there, weather permitting.


  6. Sue says:

    I won’t be able to make it unfortunately, as Laura needs me to babysit.
    Congratulations on little Levi, Jennifer and Andy!


  7. Gail Lupton says:

    Congratulations Grandparents that is wonderful news
    I plan on riding but no lunch as I am heading back to the cottage


  8. Paul Buttimor says:

    Plan to be there unless it rains


  9. Marshall says:

    Weather Network is currently calling for some pretty iffy weather in the Orono / Bowmanville area tomorrow. I’ll make my call at 8:00 AM. Really hope things change as I’m looking forward to leading this ride.


    • BrianH says:

      I don’t envy you making this call, Marshall, as it’s going to be a tricky one! Toss a coin, maybe 😀🚴‍♂️😀


  10. Sue Pott says:

    I can ride after all and the weather network is saying rain starts at 1 with only a 30% chance before that. Maybe we can get the ride in without rain.


  11. Marshall says:

    This one is almost impossible to call. Good chance that we could get the ride in before it rains but…..I doubt there will be a social after. I could flip a coin like Brain says….. I really want to ride and the weather doesn’t look all that great for the next few days so I’m willing to chance it. Heck, so I might get wet. I’m going to give it a try and I’m leaving it up to each of you on whether you join me. I think its a great route and if we get rained out we’ll give it another try at a later date. Maybe see you in Orono??


    • Brian says:

      I knew you would have a hard time with that one 🙂
      The Weather Network’s “future radar” (for what that’s worth!) shows a band of rain moving our way. It is presently over K-W and they are forecasting it to reach our riding area at around noon. I will be there, Marshall, but with my rain jacket in case those WN meteorologists are actually right for a change 🙂


  12. Michel Cabardos says:

    Yeah. M & Pretty M are going to meet you at the start. Then we shall drive to the start of the paths and ride the paths with you. Pretty M will stop at home while M goes rides back to fetch the car. We will join the picnic if it is not raining. How exciting to join the Freewheelers at long last.


  13. Barry says:

    We shall take a pass on today. Creaky bones, many good rides last week in Eganville. Thanks for the Valiant Effort Marshall, and we will get to this one. See you next week.


  14. Peter says:

    I will join in for a bit but might be looking for a short cut depending on the skies.


  15. Marianne says:

    I am coming along also.


  16. Marianne says:

    Well crap. Just looked at radar and I am actually out. So disappointing. Have fun hardy souls.


  17. Michel Cabardos says:

    Fantastic ride with great weather. Way to go Marshall !


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