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Riding from Cobourg – Thursday, October 29

Just when you thought the GFW cycling season was over, along comes one more chance to get your Lycra on!

As today’s ride was a much shorter distance and different route than anticipated due to weather challenges, Jen and TJ want to give it one more go. What the heck, the maps are printed, the roads will have less snow than today and we Freewheelers just can’t get enough of that sugar puff.

Repeated below is the post for today’s ride – it will now happen on Thursday – same time, same place. Be there if you can!

Jen P will be leading the last official GFW club ride for the 2020 season this Tuesday, Oct 27th Thursday, October 29 starting at 10:00 AM from her home, followed by our after ride picnic in her backyard.

Jen and TJ are busy drawing up a new route called “”already printed a route called “The Eddystone Loop” which will includes many of our favourite roads, Pipeline, Eddystone, King and Shelter Valley to name a few. Maps will be provided.

It’s been a very different riding season this year with its late start and social distancing rules dictated by that very pesty COVID-19 virus, but there is also no doubt that it’s been one of the most successful and fun seasons our club has had in a long while. So sad to see it end. Lets end it with a big turnout ” Bigger than Tuesday anyway, since half the group bailed due to the cold, rain and snow. Weather wimps.

See you on Thursday.


  1. Barbara Spencer says:

    We are planning to come and try again Jen and TJ. Such a good turnout despite the weather. Kudos to those who rode and may return for the full ride. Looks like a lovely not to miss route.


  2. jenp83 says:

    It’s a beautiful route for sure and we are keeping our fingers crossed for nicer weather tomorrow although yesterdays ride was not too bad as it were! The great company sure helped!!


  3. bradyperkin says:

    Sorry we cannot make it & are putting the bikes away till next season now.
    Thank you for a super 2020 GFW season despite the challenges. Fingers crossed it will be less of an issue in 2021 & we shall see everybody once again! We missed those of you who for various safety & health concerns decided not to cycle in the group this year. Stay well…….


  4. Barry says:

    Lilianne and I will be there, but not for lunch. 🙋‍♂️👵


  5. Sue says:

    I forgot that I had an appointment to give blood today so will not be able to make it for the ride, Jen, as I’m usually light headed for a day or two afterwards. Therefore I am babysitting Liam as well.
    I’m hoping we can have an impromptu ride next week since a couple of days look pretty nice.


  6. Gail Lupton says:

    Hi I plan on riding tomorrow let’s hope for good weather


  7. Marshall says:

    For some reason, I’ve been iffy on biking today so I Left my decision until this morning. Now looking like a decent window to get the ride in but I”m still iffy….. so just decided the heck with it, no riding for me today. You guys have a good one, you no doubt have a great route. Agree with Sue, hopefully we’ll get a few good sunny riding days in November so I won’t put the bike away yet.


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