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Riding from Oak Hill – Friday, July 31

Jen and Andy will host our first ride from a member’s home this Friday at 5:30. You can find their address in the member directory. Keep in mind that we’ll be following our standard social distancing rules. If you have not joined a ride yet this season, please remember to print, sign and bring your COVID-19 Waiver and read the GFW response to COVID in the same document.

Jen and Andy’s invitation is below.

Friday’s ride will follow The Oak Hills route – options are 50 k, 37k or can be shortened for those who wish a less strenuous cycle.

Please bring your own chair, picnic, swimming costume/towel (there is a pool) & beverage. The (dry) conditions may or may not permit a bonfire.

Thank you Brian for providing your ‘loo’ tent, &/ or there are lots of trees and private nooks in the gardens.

An FYI…….Two large dogs will be bounding about so remember to not leave food or articles of clothing around for a game of ‘chase me please.’ Irene’s apple strudel became apple crumble on our last get together!! It tasted 😋 so yummy!

See you soon,


  1. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and Barb plan to attend.


  2. Barry says:

    Lilianne & I will be there. It will be electrifying.


  3. BrianH says:

    I shall be there. For some inexplicable reason I love this undulating route 😀🚴‍♂️😀


  4. Michel says:

    Mich and Melanie are coming. Like the song:one in polka dots, one in bikini!


  5. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth will be there.


  6. Marshall says:

    Just decided to join the ride this evening. See you shortly.


  7. bradyperkin says:

    A very enjoyable evening. Thanks everyone for coming……wish we had had a guitar by that 🔥 Bonfire. What a beautiful night for a ride!



    • BrianH says:

      Thank you so much, Jennifer and Andy, for hosting us last night. It was a perfect evening – sunny, not too hot, and some lovely hills to ride up and down. You were so generous with your hospitality – pool, bonfire and (almost full) moon. This has to be Canada’s best cycling club 🙂


    • twocamels says:

      It truly was an awesome evening – thanks so much Jennifer and Andy for being such wonderful hosts! Indeed what a great club are we (per Brian’s comment)!


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