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Riding from King’s Field – Friday, July 3

Join us for our first official ride of the 2020 season, with Brian H. leading us at 5:30 from King’s Field in Port Hope on the Go Fourth route. Though a 48-kilometre route, there are plenty of options to cut out earlier!

Please comment if you plan to ride. If more than 10 ride, we’ll send some of us off in the opposite direction. Remember to print out, sign and bring with you your signed COVID-19 Waiver and read the GFW’s response to COVID-19 in the same document. Execs will be there to collect your paperwork! For those who do not have access to a printer, we will make sure to have plenty on hand. Try to remember to bring your own pen!!!

After the ride, we’ll enjoy a socially-distanced social where Brian plans to bring his beer, his toilet tent and his camping loo. Not sure that he’ll want to share, any of the above, but he invites you to join him and offer up any other suggestions to make this season opener one to remember.

Last Friday, we noticed it got chilly, as we’re close to the lake, so in addition to chairs, your own snacks and beverages, make sure to bring jackets, long pants and a blanket. Heck, Jen P., our resident Girl Guide, was so prepared last week, she even had her mosquito coil with her.

We hope you enjoyed today a lovely Canada Day celebration! Hopefully we’ll see you real soon!


  1. Sue says:

    I won’t get to ride with you this Friday, gang. And if any of you would like to lead the ride for Tuesday the 7th could you please contact Marshall for this one as I can’t make it then either.


  2. bradyperkin says:

    We will be there….so glad there will be a GFW 2020 cycling season.


  3. Katherine Smith says:

    I am coming!


  4. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and Barb plan to ride on Friday. We’ll bring whatever – something to eat and drink, chairs, blankets, sweaters, (2 metre measuring tapes or hockey sticks?), maps, waivers and our little changing tent (if I can find it). Can’t wait to see what a ‘toilet tent’ is. ????????? We can DO this!


  5. twocamels says:

    Ruth and Pete will ride and join the social.


  6. Pam Tate says:

    I’m not a member of Ganaraska Freewheelers any more but wanted to warn you that Lakeshore Rd west of Toronto Rd is heavily under construction and impassable. Not sure how far west the construction goes. You may need to go up Wesleyville, east on Marsh Rd, then down Toronto Rd at the end of the ride,


    • BrianH says:

      Thanks, Pam! We are actually aware of this and found there to be an easy diversion along Sullivan West. The construction ends at the Sullivan – Lakeshore intersection.


  7. BrianH says:

    I plan to be there, but then I guess I have no choice in the matter😀🚲😀


  8. Marshall says:

    Darn, unfortunately I will not be able to make this first ride due to another commitment, but I will drop by before the ride gets started to say hello to everyone and to hand in my signed waiver. Let the riding begin…


  9. jenp83 says:

    I’ll be there! I’m Doing a ride in the morning too so will be tired and slow but that’s ok! I’ll bring my mosquito coils, blankets, snacks and a chair! Can’t wait!


  10. jenp83 says:

    I’ll be there! Mosquito coils and all!


  11. Don’t forget to print and sign your Covid-19 Waivers. I have a few extras but we are counting on members to print, sign and bring theirs.


  12. Jacqueline Neale says:

    With the weather forecast calling for thunder storms we will pass on coming to say Hi!


  13. Marianne says:

    Franco & I will be the 9th and 10th to Go 4th. See you there !


  14. Michel Cabardos says:

    Unfortunately M and M have to skip this one.


  15. BrianH says:

    It’s going to be a hot one. Actually, you will find that there is a nice breeze blowing off the lake and that it is a few degrees cooler down there. As Prez Barb said, be sure to print, sign and bring your ‘Covid waiver”!


    • BrianH says:

      BTW: I haven’t check Anderson this week but I am assuming that it is still gravel and that we will skip it!


  16. Barbara Spencer says:

    Thank you so much Brian for a great, safe, together-but-apart late but great first ride of the GFW season.


    • BrianH says:

      To the Execs – here of the list of participants for the Covid records:

      Jen P.
      Jennifer & Andy
      Ruth & Pete
      Marianne & Franco
      Barb & John

      (Non-riding “greeters)
      Irene (without Richard!!)
      Harold D.


  17. Harold De Kleer says:

    Made a slew of pictures &sent to Ruth, enjoyed seeing ye all. And like to know what happened during the ride, some rumours
    About police?
    not riding tomorrow. But enjoy it and stay healthy and safe!


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