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Cycling from Port Hope – Friday, August 9

Ruth & Pete invite you to ride the Port Hope Barn Quilt Trail with us out of Port Hope Town Hall this Friday starting at 5:30 pm. Let’s celebrate our local agricultural history with a visit to 23 barn quilts!

As you’ll note from the above Quilt Trail map, there are a couple of sections that call for riding short stretches on busy roads – i.e., Toronto Road out of town and Ganaraska 9 through Garden Hill. We will see if there is a detour to avoid most of the Toronto Road stretch. The segment through Garden Hill should be fine, given a very wide shoulder and the lower speed limit though town.

Note as well, there are hills. Yes indeed, we have hills. Keep in mind that there are plenty of shortcuts to avoid either the busy stretches or the worst hills. Check this post later for a Ride with GPS link that will show the full distance.

We’ll top off the ride with a visit to one of the top 10 burger joints in Canada – Olympus Burger.


Below is a visual of our proposed route that goes by 15 out of 23 barn quilts. Our goal was to keep it under 50 km and avoid lengthy busy road sections. We’ll bring printed maps with a cue sheet that also shows ways to make it longer and get in a few more barns!

Here is a link to this route and the cue sheet:


  1. Marshall says:

    What a super idea for a ride! Neat route. Wish I could join you this Friday but we are going to be away until Sunday.


  2. Sue Pott says:

    Sounds like a ride I’d like to do but will be away.


  3. BrianH says:

    Although I am heading home on Friday, I doubt I will be back in time for the ride……but you never know🚴‍♀️


  4. vivian says:

    Harold and I hope to ride! The longest route is around 23 km is that the one you are riding?


  5. twocamels says:

    Vivian we’re working on a longer route – closer to 40 but plenty of hills – just testing it – we’ll bring copies but also post it sometime tomorrow.


  6. Klaus says:

    I won’t be riding this one.


  7. twocamels says:

    I’ve created the map on Ride with GPS to generate a cue sheet and updated the post with a link to the map and the cue sheet, just to give you a heads up of what the route will look like. We will bring maps and cue sheets tomorrow and may suggest a couple changes, depending on who shows up and how much energy you have!


  8. Barbara Spencer says:

    John is keen, as always.


  9. Marianne says:

    Barns & Burgers sounds good !


  10. Katherine Smith says:

    Hi. Sadly missing the hills and burgers…. however, I am going to go to Allegria tomorrow…. a year later than I thought but I was determined to attend!


  11. jenp83 says:

    TJ and I will be there. Barns and burgers like Marianne said…sounds perfect! Thanks Ruth for organizing 😊


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