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Cycling from Newcastle – Friday, May 3

This Friday at 5:30, we ride from the home of Mel and Mich (M&M) in Newcastle.

Mich is aiming for a nice flat early season ride and he will provide route maps.

Remember to bring for the potluck your buffet offering and beverages, as well as your crystal, porcelain, and silverware.

One more thing everyone – pray for good weather – we need a Friday ride!! Current forecast for Friday calls for cloudy and a high of 12. So dress warmly.

Looking forward to seeing y’all.


  1. vivian says:

    Weather permitting we will ride and dine!


  2. twocamels says:

    Ruth and Pete will be there.

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  3. Katherine Smith says:

    Sorry… hot date with Kurt Browning!

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  4. Sue says:

    I will be there.

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  5. TJ says:

    Will be there if I can skip out early from work

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  6. BrianH says:

    Can’t be there as it is too far to come from England. We should hold a Blossom Ride over here as it is like it will be over there in about three weeks time. Don’t despair, spring will get there😀

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  7. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and Barb are planning to come.

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  8. jenp83 says:

    Will be there! Can’t wait!


  9. Wayne says:

    I’m coming if the rain stops!


  10. kschroeder1 says:

    I’m counting on the “nice flat early season” part Mich so I hope to be there.


  11. Barbara Spencer says:

    Forecast says rain will stop this afternoon. Hoping!


  12. kschroeder1 says:

    Sorry to say but I will not be able to ride this afternoon😢


  13. Irene says:

    Richard and myself are not psychologically prepared for cycling this evening – however we’ll be there to wine and dine later.


  14. bradyperkin says:

    Still under the weather……regrets.


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