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Friday, April 19 – Riding from Baltimore

If you haven’t had a chance yet to bring out your wheels and enjoy some spring cycling, take heart – Brenda and Wayne are hosting our kickoff ride of the year, followed by a traditional potluck.

Join us at their home in Baltimore as early as 1:00 p.m. rain or shine for a 2:00 p.m. start to the ride! We’ll be following the Spring Fling – only we are starting and ending at Nagle Road. Distances are 32, 41, and 45 kilometres. Hardcore spring riders will also have the option of adding Bickle Hill Road! For anyone wanting to do just a short loop (ie. shorter than what is shown on the route map), it is quite a nice ride into town from our house along part of the waterfront trail and back along Elgin Street or Densmore Road to Nagle Road and home.

Remember to bring your potluck offering, beverage of choice, plates, glasses and cutlery. And pray to the weather gods!

Important Note: are asking riders to arrive as early as 1:00 pm so that we can ask you to sign a new waiver for the 2019 season. In our first exec meeting this year, we identified a date problem with the forms you all completed at the AGM. We took the opportunity to make some other improvements to the form and will bring copies for you to sign. Alternatively, you can download the new form here, sign it, and bring it along to the ride. Our new secretary Brenda and VP responsible for safety, Pete, will have copies available, receive your signed form and make the process speedy and painless. If you have completed the new forms already at home, you can come at the regular time for the ride – though you’re still welcome to come early to reacquaint yourself with your fellow riders. Guests are welcome – they too will need to sign the waiver.

We look forward to seeing everyone after a long white winter.


  1. BrianHBrianH says:

    Can’t miss this one 🙂


  2. Barbara Spencer says:

    John and I will be there. Can’t wait to see everyone again.


  3. kschroeder1 says:

    I plan to be there…weather will determine whether I ride or not


  4. BrianH says:

    Since this is our first Friday ride of the season I felt this would be an appropriate forum to encourage folks to consider hosting rides in subsequent weeks.

    Everyone seems to agree that our Friday rides went really well last year, so let’s make 2019 as good as, or better, than 2018!

    Friday evening rides typically start at 5:30 PM. The routes vary slightly in length but are usually around 50 km. There will always be a shorter, usually less hilly, option of around 30 km. Either you can host a ride from your home or from any other location in our riding area. Either way you need to decide upon a route (which could simply be one of the many routes available on our Website!) and either provide (paper) maps or ask folks to download them.
    Most members who host rides from their homes also host a pot-luck supper afterwards, but this is not essential. Alternatively, you may elect to host a ride from a location other than your home and simply arrange for somewhere for us to eat (restaurant, pub, picnic, etc.).

    Approximately once a month, we switch the Friday evening ride to a Saturday or Sunday morning ride, so you may wish to consider that as a hosting option.

    The Calendar on the Website will inform you as to which rides have hosts. If it says “Ride Needs Host” then why not consider volunteering for it? All you have to do is to email me at bhedney@gmail.com and say “sign me up for…..”. Alternatively, you can text me at (905)373-3621.

    Remember, our Club’s success is based on the participation of its wonderful members, so why not volunteer to host one of our many rides!


  5. Sue says:

    I will be there, Wayne and Brenda. And have already printed my waiver.


  6. Ruth says:

    Pete and Ruth will be there – looking forward to the new season! And can’t wait to taste what Brenda and Wayne have “cooked up” for us!


  7. vivian says:

    We will try to be there but family commitments may get in the way! Just wondering if there will be a new password for the website?


  8. Irene says:

    Weather permitting or not Richard and I are looking forward to our first 2019 get together with the club. Plus we’ve also printed out and are ready to roll with our waivers 😊


  9. Brian & Jacquie Neale says:

    Brian & I will be there, looks like a dismal day for riding! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


  10. Jennifer says:

    Andy & I, of course, will be there with waivers signed already. Hope to ride but weather outlook not very promising so did a short jaunt today around Millbrook. Andy picked up his bike from Eric. Will be nice to catch up with all & sundry regardless.


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