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Cycling from Brighton – Tuesday, November 6

Klaus is hosting our last Tuesday ride of the season. Join us for a 10:00 a.m. start to the ride at 75 Harbour Street in Brighton. Let’s all hope for decent weather.

We’ll be following the First Half Flat route starting and ending at the Whistling Duck in Gosport/Brighton where we will enjoy lunch together.

The Freewheelers cycle from Harold’s in Castleton early in the season. Klaus is front and centre at this ride, and leading Tuesday’s ride from Brighton.


  1. kschroeder1 says:

    As seems to be far too common these days, next Tuesday does not look promising…however, I will arrange for permission for us to park at the Whistling Duck prior to lunch. They open at 11:30 but will ask for a 1 o’clock lunch time for those who plan to do the whole ride.
    Also, I will make the “call” at or before 8:00 am on Tuesday.
    There are lots of options for flat and flatter in addition to the website map. Please print your own.


  2. BrianH says:

    It is November, Klaus 🙂


  3. BrianH says:

    Road riding in November = now that’s wishful thinking 😘
    It looks as though Tuesday will be even windier than it was on Saturday, and that was bad enough! A nice sunny 😎 day like yesterday, however, could get me on my road bike for one last time!


    • kschroeder1 says:

      Not much point in postponing the decision for tomorrow’s ride so I’m officially cancelling it…unless someone else wants to take it on. Too bad, but Brian is no doubt right about November.


  4. Brian & Jacquie says:

    Left behind at our house on Saturday:- (1) red topped small cooler, (1) Black Pedal cap, (1) Red handled Paderno knife, any takers?? I can bring to the AGM if you don’t need them before!


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