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Riding from Port Hope – Friday, October 5

Katherine is hosting her annual Thanksgiving ride from her home in Port Hope.  Parking is available on the road in front of her house, but also in the back. The ride will start at 5:00 pm led by Pete and Ruth who will take us West along the waterfront. We’ll go as far as the light and our legs allow, with the goal of being back at Katherine’s no later than 7:15.

As this is usually one of the best attended events of the season, Katherine needs you to confirm your attendance and mention what you’ll be bringing as your offering (and who if anyone as your guests!). In her own words:

If people want to bring family or friends, they are welcome. Bring standard dish / person, plates cutlery and appetite. Big bird acquired, but I could always toss in a supplementary bird if required. I only ask for an rsvp, so that I can somewhat plan accordingly…. looking forward to the annual tradition of far too much food, far too much laughter, and filling my house with my friends!

Here’s what she knows so far:

  • Katherine – Turkey, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie
  • Brian H. – cranberries (k makes as tradition for BH)
  • Barb – special spuds
  • John – something exciting
  • Anita – famous chocolate cake
  • Randy – ???
  • Ruth – hummus and crackers
  • Pete – purple cabbage
  • Irene – appetizer
  • Richard – ham and sprouts
  • Jen – rolls and butter
  • Deana – caramel apples
  • Neil – ???
  • Deb – Carrots
  • Harold – ???
  • Vivian – ???
  • Sharye – Salad surprise
  • Bess – Squash
  • Andy – Turnip
  • Jennifer – Cheese appetizer
  • Liz – salad
  • Bob – ???
  • Barry – Appetizer
  • Lilianne – Squash salad
  • Sharon-Lynn – Brocoli salad
  • Sue – ???

Will you join us? What will you bring to add to our Thanksgiving table? Please comment! We look forward to celebrating nature’s bounty with you.


  1. Sharye says:

    Will bring some type of salad/ dish.


  2. jenp83 says:

    I will be there! Bringing homemade dinner rolls and butter👍


  3. Deb Parks says:

    Roasted rainbow carrots from me. Looking forward to it


  4. richard pike says:

    Irene and I will be there! Keynote event in the GFW calendar.
    Irene is presently reviewing her appetiser preparation notes.
    The ham is a given, I will cook it without a glaze, but have a sauce so that eaters can dress their slices if they wish to.
    I will sharpen Dad’s carving knife on the night (Dad was a butcher)
    Unfortunately I have been working on a Brussels sprout presentation (based on Joanne’s classic preparation), it is nearing perfection so there will be a surfeit of sprouts at the celebration. (alliteration eh?).
    What red wine goes well with sprouts?


    • Barbara Spencer says:

      Richard, you can certainly bring your brussels sprouts and we can make something else. If you have perfected Joanne’s recipe I’d rather eat those!


  5. Deena jilesen says:

    I will bring my camel apple dip! Looking forward to this gathering. 😊


  6. vivian says:

    We hope to ride looking forward to seeing GFW members!!!


  7. Elizabeth Fellows says:

    I will be there a bring a squash dish


    • Katherine Smith says:

      Thanks for taking the hint!!!!! I do not know what you do when you grow your squash but memorable squash? You are doing something special!!!!!


  8. bradyperkin says:

    We shall be there with our appetites. Hmm what to bring savoury or sweet? Suggestions welcomed Katherine.


    • Katherine Smith says:

      Well… since you asked, the cheese with olives and sundried tomatoes and everything else that you put on it….. Barb laughed and said that everyone brings my favourites… a lot of truth in that. Perhaps Andy could do turnip?


  9. Elizabeth Henderson says:

    Bob and I are looking forward to the ride and the feast. We’ll bring a salad.


  10. Lilianne says:

    Barry and I will be there. we are bringing a squash and lentil salad and an appetizer.


  11. I will ride and feast! Is it ok if I bring a broccoli salad? I will be working until 4:30 so will be heading right over from work and will not be able to bring anything warm/hot. Let me know if this works or if you want me to bring something that isn’t covered here! Thanks for the invite really looking forward to this!


    • Katherine Smith says:

      Hi 👋. Yes you are welcome and looking forward to seeing you. The broccoli salad is great and if you change your mind, you are welcome to drop it off early before work. I think that you have the address?


      • sharonlynnweese says:

        Actually I don’t have your address.! If I can drop off early I may….we have a very small fridge at work. Thank you!


  12. Diane McCormick says:

    Catherine, I am looking forward to attending but will not be cycling. I am not sure what would be helpful as far as food is concerned but will bring a beet salad.


  13. Wilfried Elzner says:

    I am Riding weather permitting. Oatmeal, chocolate chip, coconut, and walnut cookies from Willy


  14. Harold says:

    I have fam. visiting from out West, but plan to see you all for a short visit, and bring a bottle of wine. But riding on that stretch of road would be pushing my luck!
    Happy ThanksGiving!


  15. twocamels says:

    Ruth just updated the post with a list of everyone who is coming so far and who’s bringing what!


  16. Franco says:

    Franco and Marianne are going to talk turkey tonight. Will bring appetizers or salad or both.


  17. BrianH says:

    Sorry, Katherine, but I am still too far from home to make it tonight. I have taken Irene’s advice and I have dispatched the cranberries by UPS 🙂


  18. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    Just realized that we are not on the list – bringing an appetizer cheese tray with crackers
    Hope to do a short ride West along hwy 2 and return.


  19. Deana jilesen says:

    Neil will bring cream puffs.


  20. OMG…I’m going to gain like 5 pounds tonight.


  21. bradyperkin says:

    A HUGE thankyou to Katherine for hosting such a festive feast. You are an Amazing woman …..who else can make it look so easy to have 30+ members in your lovely home. Now we shall all need to ride extra hard at Occo’s to burn up those calories……guilty pleasures!


  22. Katherine Smith says:

    So much fun! Easy because of the people who attended… Great people make a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jenp83 says:

      An evening not to be missed! What a great time and we have a couple of new members thanks to Katherine! What a perfect evening with amazing people and a grand hostess!


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