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Cycling from the Newcastle Marina – Tuesday, July 24

Richard and Irene are your hosts for Tuesday’s ride from the Newcastle Marina, 377 Baldwin Street.

Print out the Life View Heights route (57- or 47-kilometre routes) and plan to have your cycling legs ready for Stark Hill.

Lunch will follow in the Marina café.



  1. jenp83 says:

    We are both looking forward to this ride.


  2. Barbara Spencer says:

    Yes! Looking forward to it.


  3. bradyperkin says:

    I shall ride but not Andy sadly.


  4. Irene says:

    We spent a couple of days checking out the route. Richard will not be riding as he has an appointment with his cardiologist. I will be cycling a short route not indicated on the map; it’s approximately 33 km, which entails a left turn onto Morgans Road from Lakeshore, then following the rest of the route.
    Serious road works are taking place on Mill Street leading to the Lakeshore Road which according to signage indicate road closure on July 26 and onward, so we should be OK, but you never know. Anyway whatever there will be the usual Road Diversion signs if there’s a problem. The rest of the route is fine, so long as you don’t mind some really bumpy sections … though views from Cons.Rd.5 are spectacular.
    Take care making the left turn from Durham Hwy 2 onto Bennett Rd. I actually dismounted and walked across using the pedestrian light …. it was the rush hour, lots of traffic. Also lots of construction on Bennett south of the tracks so beware of accompanying traffic.
    See everyone on Tuesday 😊


  5. Marshall says:

    Irene, I’ll not be riding today due to a Doctor’s appointment. Weather isn’t looking good. Keep your eye on those thunderstorms.


  6. kschroeder1 says:

    I’m making offerings as well..only not white wine and not ½ a glass! It’ll most likely take more than that Irene.


  7. BrianH says:

    Well, it ain’t raining at 6:30 AM, and the radar looks OK for the next little while. Unless the conditions deteriorate, I plan to head over to Newcastle later on.


  8. Irene says:

    Bizarre weather!! The Weather Network radar seems to indicate that Newcastle has 30% POP until mid afternoon. So I shall be at the Marina prepped for maybe a very short ride 😊


  9. BrianH says:

    Thank you Irene and Richard (whom we didn’t see all day since he was so far ahead of the peloton!) for a great ride today. The route was awesome (especially Starkville Hill!) and the company was the best 🙂 I have posted a few pictures on the GFW Facebook page.


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