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Cycling from Port Hope – Friday, July 20

Join us for the Barb and Mich Birthday Ride, hosted by Katherine. The ride starts at Katherine’s house in Port Hope.
Naturally, we shall follow Katherine’s Ride offering 52- and 36- kilometre options. However, if Sylvan Glen Road hasn’t been repaired by then we will have to make a minor detour near the end. BrianH will explain the change, if it is required, at the start of the ride.
Pot-luck to follow.


  1. jenp83 says:

    Wouldn’t miss Barb and Mich’s Birthday!


  2. Barbara Spencer says:

    No presents! I hope there will be cake!


  3. bradyperkin says:

    This is a tough route so we might go south from 7 th line on 10 versus staying on 7 th at Perrytown …..as it’s all new road on 10 th line (with a nice bike path even) to 5 th and meet up there with the group.


  4. kschroeder1 says:

    I plan to ride in from Cobourg and do the short ride but I like Jennifer’s option and may then continue on home down 10. Pot-luck is a maybe.


  5. BrianH says:

    We all know that Katherine is a very influential Port Hoper and I guess she told them to get on with the resurfacing of Sylvan Glen Road. I am pleased to inform you that they have done as they were told and that we are able to ride the route as outlined on the map.


  6. Irene says:

    it’s a long walk to Katherine’s house from ours, but we’ll be there for the ride and supper 😉


  7. BrianH says:

    Please bring your own map, if possible. However, I will have a few b/w copies on hand if anyone should need one. See you on Friday!


  8. Sue says:

    I will try to make it as long as Laura gets home in time to let me off my babysitting duties. Could be there for the PL anyway. Hope to make a pie, Katherine, maybe with baby Liam’s help.


  9. Katherine Smith says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone here in the summer. I too did reconnaissance on Sylvan Glen Road last night. Freshly surfaced. Be careful though, could be loose bits.

    Barb, you may regret your hope for cake 🎂…😘. Catherine and I have been busy bees!


  10. Bob Almack says:

    Liz and Bob riding


  11. Michel says:

    Mich is going to wear his birthday suit.
    Melanie will ride out from Newcastle unless there is a small miracle at work.


  12. BrianH says:

    Katherine – thank you so much for looking after us so well last night. Our Friday rides have been so good this year, but this was one of the best! I have posted a few pictures on the GFW Facebook page. Regrettably, I did not have my camera with me for the birthday celebrations. Maybe someone else can post a picture or two of the “birthday girl and boy” in action 🙂


  13. BrianH says:

    Another reminder that next Friday’s ride starts at the gorgeous country home of Bess and that there will be a follow-up pot-luck. Ignore the post that mentions the ride starting at the Port Hope Town Hall as that is no longer the case!


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