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Ride Reminder – Tuesday, October 31

Lilianne and Barry are hosting our Tuesday Oct 31th visit to Warkworth. The Pike Ride has an approximate short ride of 35 kilometres, with the long ride being 60 or so kilometres. Please print your maps from the website.

We are cycling at 10am from the town park on Highway 29, just West of the Co-op. There is parking as well on the West side of Old Hastings Road.

Lunch will be at the Lucky Star Cafe on the main street. There is a diverse menu sourced from locally grown foods, a warm atmosphere and nice teas and coffees (no alcohol). They roast their own beans and bake in house.



  1. Sue says:

    I’m looking forward to the Warkworth ride, Barry and Lilianne.


  2. bhedney says:

    After two months of wonderful weather, I guess it now really is Fall! If this rain actually stops, I plan to ride on Tuesday.


  3. Marshall says:

    I plan to ride Tuesday if weather co-operates.


  4. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    I was determined but the weather is too rugged for me. I might join you for lunch – Bri


  5. Irene says:

    Richard is up for a short ride tomorrow, but conditions are too windy for me!


  6. bradyperkin says:

    Not going to make it this time sorry to say. Hope the weather cooperates for the hardy ones…..


  7. Liz Henderson says:

    I plan to ride tomorrow, here’s wishing for some more sunshine


  8. Lilianne says:

    Wind, wind, wind! Wind of 40-45, with gusts of 75!

    Check here tomorrow by 8am for the latest from your ever enthusiastic organizers!


  9. Lilianne says:

    Coid in Warworth with strong winds, but no rain. The ride is not cancelled, but the organizers are staying home! For those immune to the above conditions, the route and the café are there, both of which are attractive. All the best.


  10. Marshall says:

    Following the lead of the hosts, I’m also chickening out. Happy riding to the those who brave it.


  11. Sue says:

    Sorry you guys missed a great ride today. 🙂 The wind wasn’t a big factor and we were dressed warmly. Thanks Richard, Harold and Liz for showing up. It’s a great route. Liz and I ended up with 65 k after you stopped your shorter ride, Richard. Thanks for organizing it Barry and Lilianne even though you couldn’t make it.


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