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If after reading the frequently asked question below, you still have an unanswered question, email

How do I become a member?

Our club is limited to @ 50 members. From time to time, we have room for new members.

If you have questions about joining our club, please send an email to our New Member Welcome contacts:

You can also fill in the I’m interested in being a Freewheeler form. Barb or Brenda will be in touch.

It is important for you to understand what is expected of you if you become a member of the Ganaraska Freewheelers.  Visit our Membership section and read Being a Freewheeler.

How do I find out where weekly rides start?

Members can visit the Member Rides Annual Calendar in the Members Only section of the site. It is updated by the Web Administrator regularly.

In the Club Calendar, each Tuesday and Friday ride will have a subject line that has either the name(s) of the ride host or an indication that the “Ride Needs Host”. If it has the name of the Host, click “Details” to learn more about the ride. 

Members and non-members can also sign up to receive weekly ride reminders that are issued twice weekly – on Saturday for the following Friday ride and on Wednesday for the following Tuesday ride.

If you are a non-member and would like to try out one of our rides, email Barb, Brenda or for details of the ride start location.

The password to the member section of the site is changed annually at the commencement of the cycling season. Members, if you do not know or remember the password, send an email to

How do I receive the weekly ride reminders?

On the home page of the site, there is an option to “Follow this blog”. By selecting this link, you will be required to provide an email address and self identify. The Webmaster will approve your request and you will then automatically receive all Club posts of upcoming ride reminders, special events and other notices of interest to club members that are issued via a blog Post.

I am a member. How do I host a ride?

Simple!  Contact the Ride Coordinator and request your date. The Ride Coordinator will make sure there are no conflicting requests from other members and will reply to your email, copying the Web Administrator. The Web Administrator will insert your name in the date requested and indicate that more details will follow.

At least 10 days before the ride, send an email to your Ride Coordinator and copy detailing the starting location, providing a welcome message and adding any special instructions. If available, include a map or indicate a map for the ride from the Local Cycling Routes section of the website.

How do I know which Ride Coordinator to contact regarding hosting a ride?

Tuesday Ride Coordinators:

  • Sue P. (April to end July)
  • Marshall J. (August to November)

Friday Ride Coordinators:

  • Brian H. (April to end July)
  • Katherine S. (August to end October)

If you are a new member, check the password-protected club directory for email contact details.

Can I send ride reminders via email to the club roster?

Email is so yesterday! Today’s preferred method of communication is via our website’s Blog. Our front page has all the headlines and all the news you’ll need. Each week, the Web Administrator issues two posts:

– the first on Saturday announcing the next Friday ride

– the second on Wednesday announcing the next Tuesday ride.

If you have questions about the ride and/or want to add details, use the Comment feature just under the title of the post – it will either read “Leave a Comment”  or will indicate the number of comments already made – e.g., “4 Comments.” Members appreciate comments, as they can know in advance if there will be riders present who keep to a similar pace.

How do I find out about emergent updates to rides?

By following the site, you receive the initial ride reminder post, but not any subsequent comments, unless you initiate a Comment and request to follow Comments. This enables you to control how much email traffic you receive.

There can be last-minute updates to the ride, such as when inclement weather changes the plan. Ride hosts and/or Coordinators will announce any such changes via the Comments feature, and where possible, the Web Administrator will update the Calendar.

Can I bring a guest to a ride?

Absolutely! If you do bring a guest, make sure to let your ride host know in advance, especially if the apres-event will be in a home environment. For all rides where you invite a guest, please be sure to print out the waiver for your guest, have them complete it and make sure you submit the waiver to one of the executive members.

How do I thank my host for the ride?

I dunno – maybe a nice bottle of wine or a gift certificate for Home Depot. Just kidding. Use the Comments feature for that particular ride. The more comments the better!

Does the site have a forum where members can chat?

If you are a Ganaraska Freewheelers member and would like to be added to our member-only Facebook group, send an email to Note that this group is not an official communication vehicle of the Ganaraska Freewheelers club – It is a friendly means of enabling members to share photos and interesting news.

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