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Being a Freewheeler

The Ganaraska Freewheelers is far more than just a cycling club—it’s a social club that cycles.

By becoming a member of the Ganaraska Freewheelers, you will join a unique group of people whose activities reflect their collective values of Great Fitness, Great Food, and Great Friends.

Great Fitness

We cycle twice a week, on Tuesday mornings and Fridays evening or morning.  Some Friday rides may become Saturday or Sunday rides through the season to accommodate special events and joint rides. We also move most of our Friday rides in October to Saturday or Sunday to enable more daylight riding! The rides are typically between 40 and 60km with shorter options. Ride leaders make sure route maps are available and can recommend options to add or subtract distances depending on your energy level that day. The group generally tries to stay together while on the road, but if a big hill comes along that separates the pack, you’ll never be without a buddy by your side.

Great Food

Each ride is hosted by a Club member. Ganaraska Freewheelers are famous for their yummy potlucks (pre covid) where members open their home after the ride for a community feast. Riders bring a dish to share, along with their own plates, cutlery and preferred beverage. Bonus: No cleanup for the host! Alternatively, ride hosts opt to make restaurant or picnic arrangements, often the case for Tuesday rides.  Post covid we gather outside with lawn chairs and our own lunches to maintain our social aspect.

Great Friends

With the time spent on the road and during the after-ride social, it’s inevitable that friendships develop. Many of our members participate together in non-club events year-round such as cross-country skiing, multi-day cycling trips and even vacations in other countries.

Membership Expectations

In order to uphold and maintain the integrity of the club, there are a few expectations that we ask of our members.

In time each member become comfortable enough to host at least one ride per season.

Hosting a ride requires the provision of a route map and a Ride Leader. Hosting doesn’t mean you have to “lead”, just ensure you have delegated a ride leader.

Ride leaders are encouraged to ride or drive the route prior to the ride to verify safety and accessibility.

REMINDER! Members can now have guests join our group rides! All guests MUST sign waivers. There is no fee, however there is a limit of three rides per guest per season.

Ride Hosts, you are encouraged to have waiver forms handy in the event we have unexpected guests join us! Remember to ride or drive your route in advance to anticipate road or safety concerns!

Members, if you have invited guests to join the ride, please print out the waiver form, have your guest sign it, and remit it to one of the Club’s executive members. Also, as a courtesy, let the Ride Host know in advance.

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