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August 22-23: A special invitation from Rodger & Margaret

Our club is blessed with so many good friends and good times. Our newest members, Rodger and Margaret, extend a gracious invitation to club members to join them later in August on their little island retreat near Bon Echo. This post is a bit of a departure from our experiment on Facebook, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up. That way, you can hold the time in your calendar and plan to join us. It also allows us to give Roger & Margaret plenty of advanced warning of numbers and needs.

Their kind invitation, along with confirmation details, is below. It is also on the Club Calendar. Closer to the date, we’ll get some up-to-the minute interaction happening on the Facebook Group. Hope to see you there.

From Rodger & Margaret to the FreeWheelers
You are invited for either day (August 22 or 23) or overnight (22-23) to our boat access south facing beachfront cottage on Mazinaw Lake located 3 miles north of Bon Echo Prov. Park which is 2 hours drive from Cobourg. We have kayaks, canoes, motor boats (no sailboats in the water this year) and floating beach toys to enjoy.

Our sanitary facilities are what the english call a “long drop” and we call an “out house” together with men and boys to the bush. We draw water from the lake for washing.

Food and Drink
We will provide water, coffee, tea, milk, BBQ sausages and hamburgers for dinner.
Bring your own libations, lunches, snacks, breakfast & POT LUCK dish. We have a beer fridge, small freezer and a refrigerator.

Accommodations — Sleeping
Cottage or Tent — we have beds for 16 and a beach on which to pitch a tent (we have 2 tents or bring your own). Please let us know your preference.

Drive to Kaladar (junction of Hwys 7 & 41) — go N on Hwy 41 at the top of the big hill, CALL COOPERS 905-376-5622 or 613-336-1991 to arrange for a boat pick up time (there are cell dead zones on Hwy 41) continue N on 41 for about 25 minutes — after you have passed Bon Echo Provincial Park entrance you will drive up a long hill at the top of which is a vista of Mazinaw Lake — slow down near the bottom of the hill and just past the Boat Launch sign turn right on to MAZINAW HEIGHTS NORTH ROAD — and drive about 3km to the township boat launch (Tapping’s Landing) where you will park and we will pick you up by boat.
Please plan to arrive between 9:30AM — 11AM

Participation Confirmation
Email: cooper@eagle.ca by NOON SAT 20 AUG
Please send name of those attending , email and text details, estimated arrival time, and sleeping preferences.

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  1. bradyperkin says:

    Andy & Jennifer are looking forward to an overnight stay at your lovely cottage (preferably in a wee bed) Margaret & Rodger. Thank you for this lovely invitation.


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