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Riding from North Port Hope — Saturday, October 30

This Saturday, October 30 is our final ride of the season!

Bess is going to be our host, and it starts at 10 am from her home. Address is in the member directory and the calendar.

Doug Barlow is going to be our ride leader, and we will follow him wherever he takes us!

Plenty of space on Bess’s lawns and many great views in all directions. A wonderful place to celebrate our friendships, and put to rest the season. Please bring your picnic, chairs, etc etc.


  1. BrianH says:

    Sadly, it looks as though the floods are set to return for the weekend (: If the forecast is incorrect, and the ride is on, I shall be there. Thank you, Bess, for hosting us 🙂


  2. Barry&Lilianne says:



  3. Joanne Barlow says:

    In the event that the Weather Reporters are wrong , AGAIN.
    Three maps are posted on Ride With GPS under the titles of “GFW Saturday Oct.20”
    Shorter- https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37874595
    Med- https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37874560
    Long- https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37874409

    A few Maps and Que Sheets printed in non running ink will be available onsite.
    Baggies not included.

    Fingers Crossed,

    -Doug Barlow

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  4. Sue says:

    Can it be Sunday instead? Looks sunny that day.


  5. Tara says:

    I will be there! but will watch the weather for sure! Saturday does look wet!


  6. Brian Neale says:

    Another wet weekend, we can only hope!


  7. Will be there if the rain gets lost!


  8. Brian Neale says:

    Can we be rescheduled? I was looking forward to visiting Bess for the last event of the year. Chair, blanket and hot choc at the ready.



  9. Doug Barlow says:

    Hello All,
    Well it looks like Saturday is going to be a washout, so although we hate to, Bess and I have decided to CANCEL the ride on Saturday.
    Both Bess and are busy on Sunday we can not re schedule, but please stand by for a possible substitute ride on Sunday.
    Fingers crossed….

    -Doug Barlow


  10. Katherine Smith says:

    Hi All. Plan B is riding ex the Port of Newcastle on Sunday at 11am. Mich will happily lead a hopefully larger than 2 peloton along the paths and scenes of his area. He could likely throw a few hills at you if so inclined.


  11. Gail Lupton says:

    I cannot make Sunday ride unfortunately


  12. Sue says:

    I will ride Mich, as long as we have some hills.😀


  13. Michel Cabardos says:

    this ride is geared to flatlanders so the hills will be wee.


  14. Michel Cabardos says:

    We shall ride at 11 from the Port of Newcastle. Depending on who shows we can modify the route. See you then. mich


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