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Riding from Newcastle – Saturday, October 16

Mich is hosting Saturday’s ride at 10 am. Meet at the parking lot at the south end of Toronto Street in Newcastle, near the waterfront. See his details below.

The ride can be exactly the same as the summer ride – very flat. During the ride, if we want new roads, we can decide to do Squair Rd instead of Pollard, or even do Concession 5 past the neat pond at the south end of Orono and then Lawrence to rejoin the route.

All those routes would be about 51 kms. We can decide what to do when we get to Pollard Rd.
Usually we stick together through the paths and last time we stuck together till almost the end of the ride.

I can have a map with shortcuts. Shortcuts would be about 25 and 35.

We would start at the parking lot at the south end of Toronto Street – the usual spot we start this ride from. There is no washroom though.

A picnic lunch would be nice, weather permitting.

This is a nice ride for E bikes since there are no hills to drain them and we ride slowly through the paths.

Let’s hope for a sunny day.


  1. Lilianne+Barry says:

    Cannot make it. Hosting an Outdoor Club of East York ride that day.


  2. Marianne says:

    I also can’t make it – this time because I had too much fun jumping off a dock last weekend & gashed my foot. Sheesh.


  3. Sue says:

    I am having Nolan over for the weekend so will have to miss this ride unfortunately, unless I bring him for the bike path part. We would just ride on our own. We might make the picnic for a bit.


  4. Tara says:

    given the weekend forecast I made plans with my mom, so I will miss this ride.


  5. bradyperkin says:

    Oh boy…sorry To miss but I too am away in Restoule for the weekend for a cottage reunion of work colleagues/ friends.


  6. BrianHBrianH says:

    If the weather forecast is incorrect, and it doesn’t rain, I shall be there.


  7. Barbara Spencer says:

    Like Brian, we are watching the weather. If it has a huge turnaround we’ll be there.


  8. Gail Lupton says:

    Hi weather permitting Steve and I will be there sounds good thanks


  9. Given the weather forecast I’ve made other plans. Hope you have a good weekend everyone!


  10. Irene says:

    If the rain gods change their mind about the amount of precipitation anticipated tomorrow, then Richard and I will be cycling and post ride picnic.


  11. Barbara Spencer says:

    If you wish to ride, Mich is willing and able to lead the ride from the park at 10am Sunday, and nosh afterwards. Please comment if this interests you. (This was posted to Facebook – for anyone not checking Facebook)


  12. Michel Cabardos says:

    Thanks Barb. Yes, the ride is cancelled. we can try Sunday if people want to and weather permits. In the meantime enjoy your canoe! (or kayak)


  13. BrianH says:

    I would be up for an après-deluge ride on Sunday.


  14. Barbara Spencer says:

    I think we’ll have to pass on this one, Mich. Thank you for organizing it.


  15. Irene says:

    Sorry Mich, weather still looks dampish for tomorrow, so we’ll stay home.


  16. Tara says:

    I would be interested in riding Sunday


  17. BrianH says:

    Is anyone riding on Sunday? If so, I will join the party; if not, I will go mountain biking.

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  18. Jen says:

    Is the ride still on tomorrow?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Tara says:

    BRRRRR! I think I am out. Not quite ready to don winter gear yet. Sorry.


  20. Michel Cabardos says:

    The ride is on. We meet at the parking lot at the south end of Toronto St in the Port of Newcastle at 10 AM, Sunday.
    see you then


  21. twocamels says:

    So sorry Mich – can’t make it to the ride today!


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