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IT IS AGM TIME! Saturday, October 2

We are hoping to see all or most of your welcome and smiling faces next Saturday, October 2nd at the home of Gail Lupton and Stephen Shine for our Annual General Meeting. Ride starting at 11:00. Lunch around 1:30/2:00 and meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Please plan to come. We have shared an amazing year and a half against all odds. We miss those of you who have been unable to ride or join us AND we have some great plans and ideas to share. Let’s Freewheel together into 2022!

We have strained our brains and scratched our heads for a way to return in most ways to our successful and enjoyable AGMs. Gail has generously offered not only the use of her beautiful barn but has planned a ride and a pizza lunch. The area is beautiful for a ride, the pizza is wood fired and delicious and the barn is large enough for social distancing. We will decide, going in and for everyone’s comfort level, if masks will be worn for the meeting.

Of course we need your help in the next few days. We are still looking for nominations or volunteers to fill the positions of Vice President and Secretary. Please respond with a comment saying:

Ride: Yea or Nay
Lunch: Yea or Nay
Meeting: Yea or Nay

For the lunch and meeting you will need to bring chairs, beverage of choice and, depending on the forecast, warm clothing as the barn is not heated. If you are having pizza, we calculate that $10.00 each is a fair price.

See you there!


  1. jenp83 says:

    I plan to be there for all three! Looking forward to a wonderful day with everyone. Thanks so much Gail and Steve for offering us your beautiful barn for the AGM!


  2. bradyperkin says:

    Andy & Jennifer are yes, yes & yes also. Just a reminder to RSVP quickly so Gail can guesstimate our order for the pizza people. Fingers crossed it is a beautiful Fall day.


  3. Marshall says:

    Marshall is Yes, Yes and Yes. See you all Saturday.


  4. Elizabeth Fellows says:

    I will be coming for the pizza and meeting but not for the ride. I have lost/forgotten the pass word for our website so can’t access the address of the meeting. Can you please email me the info.



  5. Brenda Smith says:

    Wayne and I will be there for pizza and meeting but not the ride as we will be coming from the trailer. Look forward to seeing everyone.


  6. Tara says:

    i will be there for the ride and quite likely for the pizza. But not for the AGM.


  7. BrianH says:

    I am afraid it is « no, no, and more no » for me as I am not going to make it home in time – even though I have started my return journey (presently in the lovely Charlevoix region of Quebec.


  8. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth are a yes, yes, yes!


  9. Irene says:

    Not sure about the ride, just depends upon the weather, but we’ll be there for pizza and AGM. .


  10. Barbara Spencer says:

    John will ride, pizza and meeting. I will pizza and meeting.


  11. Joanne says:

    Doug & I plan to attend everything 🚴‍♀️🥳🍕


  12. Paul Buttimor says:

    Paul is a yes, yes and yes.
    Wanda will not ride but will be there for the pizza and meeting.
    Is anyone coming early but not riding. Wanda is wondering what to do while we ride.


  13. Paul Buttimor says:

    Change of plans. Wanda is not attending…Paul


  14. Liz Henderson says:

    BOb and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at Gail’s for the actual meeting and food.


  15. Lilianne Denis says:

    Change of plans: Barry will attend after all, with ride and, if there us enough, pizza and meeting.. Is there a designated map?


  16. Diane McCormick says:

    I will be there for lunch and AGM


  17. Barbara Spencer says:

    22 C and sunny! Mother Nature is shining upon us for today!


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