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Riding from Baltimore – Friday, April 2

This year, tradition rules! Wayne and Brenda will host our first ride of the season on Friday, April 2 starting at 2:00 p.m. not from their home, but from the Baltimore Recreation Centre located at 23 Community Centre Rd, Baltimore.

Ride distances are 24, 33 and 40 kilometres. There might be one or two hills involved. Click on the map to download your own copy, Note that you can also download a map from our Ride Calendar as Google Calendar now has a document attachment feature. And if you don’t have a printer, no worries – Wayne and Brenda will have copies available.

Plan to join us for our apres-ride social in the nearby park. As COVID precautions are still in effect, bring your own chair, snacks, beverages, blankets, mitts and ear muffs. Temperature is looking to be a few degrees above 0.

We also need to remind each other of social distancing before and during the ride. Air hugs only! Tuck a mask in your back pocket in case you need it. Read more COVID reminders in the season opener sent out last Friday.

Please comment on this post to let us know you’re looking forward to joining us! Can. Hardly. Wait.


  1. jenp83 says:

    Wouldn’t miss the season opener! See you there!


  2. BrianH says:

    I will be there for sure and I could be dressed similarly to how I was in the post picture! Now, that really was a cold one!


  3. Sue says:

    I will be there, Wayne and Brenda.


  4. Marshall says:

    Planning to be there.


  5. Barbara Spencer says:

    Sooo looking forward to this and the temperatures are creeping up from a forecast of 1 to now a balmy 4. Freewheelers, even if you aren’t riding, swing by and say a distanced hello to everyone.


  6. Deb Parks says:

    I will be there


  7. Irene says:

    A tad too chilly for for cycling – so I’m looking forward to a pre-ride chat.


  8. Lilianne Denis says:

    Barry will drop by for pre or post-ride social time. I will as well, but may ride up from Cobourg around 2:30 or 3, do my own ride, then join in the gathering.


  9. Lilianne Denis says:

    Change of plan – I see the group is riding through our neighbourhood. Can you pass by Springbrrok Road, and I’ll join you then. Could someone text me when you are leaving Baltimore? 905-373-2679. Thanks.


  10. Jim W says:

    I plan to be there.


  11. Peter says:

    Ruth and I are coming but not sure how far we will ride. I suspect not that far.


  12. Harold de Kleer says:

    Plan to see you with or without bike, but With camera. For the record.



  13. bradyperkin says:

    Andy is flying solo today…..enroute now! Have fun…….sad to miss our first 2021 cycle!


    • BrianH says:

      Thank you Brenda and Wayne for a wonderful Good Friday ride. After a one year absence this great Freewheeler tradition returned! You are the best! We were so fortunate to get this ride in just before locked up (or is that locked down?).

      Just letting you all know that I am feeling fine now. I think the beer with John and Wayne at my home really helped 🙂 In hindsight, I don’t think a strenuous workout (those darn hills!) for someone of my advanced years the day after receiving a Covid shot is a particularly good idea 🙂


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