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Riding from Orono Park – Tuesday, October 13

Sue and Marshall, your Tuesday Ride coordinators, will be leading this Tuesday’s ride and invite you to join them at Orono Park at 10:00 for a beautiful fall ride through the roads, parks and waterfront of the Orono / Bowmanville / Newcastle area. A 60 kms (40 kms shorter route) relatively flat ride including 10kms of downhill from Hampton to downtown Bowmanville, a scenic ride through Bowmanville Park, a stop at the fish ladder on Bowmanville Creek, 5kms of newly paved bike path from Waverly Rd to Wilmot Creek on the Waterfront trail and concluding with that great Durham pavement on the final 20 kms as we make our way back up to Orono from the Newcastle waterfront.

Our after ride picnic will be held in the warmth of the sun shining down on Orono park. Be sure to bring your comfy chair, a yummy lunch, your favorite beverage and maybe a warm winter coat in case that sun isn’t as warm as we hope.

Hoping to see you all in Orono and a reminder, especially with the recent climb in the COVID-19 stats, that we must all continue that we must all continue following standard social distancing rules.

Download the maps here:

Long route (61 km)

Short route (41km)

And here are links to park and to GPS map options.

Orono Park – location

GPS map for long route – 61kms / 355m

GPS map for Shorter route – 41kms / 225m


  1. Brian Charles Hedney says:

    Sorry, but I can’t make this wonderful ride but I should be in Algonquin on Tuesday. I’m at Silent Lake right now, where there is still lots of Fall colour. It could be a different story in Algonquin . Have a great ride everyone 🚴🏻‍♀️😊🚴🏻‍♀️


  2. jenp83 says:

    We are in Bancroft at the moment but will try and be back for your ride!


  3. jenp83 says:

    We are in Bancroft at the moment enjoying Algonquin, Silent Lake and the cabin but will try our best to make the ride.


  4. Barbara Spencer says:

    We are planning to come. The rain promises to end by early morning to make everything fresh and clean for this ride that looks wonderful.


  5. Barbara Spencer says:

    And….thank all of you who were involved for giving so much information on the ride routes, even for those who don’t have Ride with GPS so everyone can print ‘n bring or download to their phones. Very thoughtful.


  6. Paul Buttimor says:

    Hope to be there…Paul


  7. Peter says:

    Ruth and I plan to ride. Looks like it will clear up in time.


  8. bradyperkin says:

    We were thinking about cycling but have decided to be on the safer side of C 19 as had our small wedding celebrations outside and all BUT seriously do not wish to risk spreading anything. Thus as a precautionary measure will not ride with the club for a bit……sorry to miss this one and Saturday.
    The wedding was absolutely beautiful………


    • Gail Lupton says:

      Hey Jenn and Andy great to hear that the wedding went well
      We will miss you riding but understand and thank you for being cautious


  9. Sue Pott says:

    The rain is going to stop! See you there.


  10. Peter says:

    Attendees for the ride were: John & Barb, Paul, Sue, Jen P, Gail, Pete & Ruth


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