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Cycling fromCobourg – Friday, September 27

Marianne and Franco are your hosts Friday for our 5:30 ride starting from Marianne’s. Their invitation is below.

So….we’ll ride up from our places to Baltimore & Beyond ( Myers Nickerson hardwood etc …hopefully 3 route options.) We’ll provide some maps.

We’ll eat and drink and laugh. Same old awesome same old! Potluck will proceed rain or shine.


  1. Sue Pott says:

    Looking forward to being there, Marianne and Franco.


  2. Katherine Smith says:

    Hi! Thanks for hosting and it is always awesome at yours…. unfortunately I am going to miss it though. Laugh and have fun and mange mange!


  3. Barbara Spencer says:

    We’ll be there!


  4. jenp83 says:

    Looking forward to some laughing and eating! Oh and a bike ride too!! See you both on Friday night!


  5. BrianH says:

    I am planning to arrive back home from my six week road trip sometime on Friday. I may, or may not, be back in time for your ride.


  6. bradyperkin says:

    Andy & I hope to ride and pot luck it….& listen to Brian’s adventures possibly (if he makes it home).


  7. Klaus says:

    Won’t make this one.


  8. Richard and Irene says:

    Sorry, we can’t make the ride Marianne …. we’ll miss all the fun and laughter!


  9. Jacquie Neale says:

    Off camping again, sorry we won’t be there!


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