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Riding from Cobourg – Tuesday, October 23

Calling all Freewheelers

Vivian and Harold are hosting Tuesday’s ride from the Mill in Cobourg.

The route will be Rice Lake Ramble. Please print map from website. Note change of start location from Cornish Hollow to the Mill just south on Ontario Street. This will add 2 kilometres to the route.


  1. bradyperkin says:

    Hmm weather looks a bit iffy…….so I shall decide for sure on the AM…Andy is working still.


  2. Marshall says:

    I’ll be riding if the weather cooperates.


  3. vivian says:

    So far the rain is predicted to start at 2pm so it should be possible to ride the Rice Lake Ramble short route there are several possibilities to shorten the route on the way.


  4. Irene says:

    Weather permitting Richard and I will be cycling and dining; we’ll come up with a short route.


  5. vivian says:

    There will be some modifications to the route we will discuss tomorrow eg Minifie is fresh loose gravel and Crossen has also been turned into a gravel road somewhat graded


  6. BrianH says:

    You will need to cheer me up tomorrow as I just got rejected by our judicial system : ) However, the good news is that I am now free to ride on Tuesday! I bought a new waterproof cycling jacket at the Louis Garneau outlet in Quebec City and I can’t wait to try it out 🙂


  7. Jennifer says:

    Probably just too ‘freewheeling’ liberal minded Brian…….probably just as well. I cannot imagine being a juror for say…. Bruce MacA …….who comes to trial soon in T.O.


  8. Sue says:

    If it’s not raining I will be there.


  9. BrianH says:

    Checking the radar at 7 AM it looks like the start of the showers is imminent 😂 No guarantees that I will be there at 10 AM.


  10. Marshall says:

    Same for me. Rain means no me. Doesn’t look good for the 9 and 10:00 time slot. Might be a dry gym for me this morning.


  11. vivian says:

    If it is not raining at 9:45 we will head to the mill radar show rain but hourly report shows not until 12.


  12. Sue says:

    It’s pouring at my house and I would have to leave right now so I’m not going to chance it either. I would be game for a ride on Thursday too Jennifer.


  13. Irene says:

    Ooops, just started to rain, so Richard is putting the bikes back into the garage. 😒


  14. vivian says:

    Looks like the ride is rained out! I can’t make Thursday but could ride Friday at 10 am


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