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Riding from Victoria Park – Tuesday, September 11

Since we were rained out a few weeks ago, and we’re without a host for Tuesday’s ride, we’ll repeat that plan and follow the Go Fourth route from Victoria Park (28 Victoria Street South) in Port Hope.

Riders can decide a lunch venue. Join us at 10 to start the ride.



  1. kschrieder1 says:

    Not sure yet if I’ll be available to ride but the group may want to try out the recently opened Thirsty Goose on Walton…same owners as Kettle Drums in Peterborough🤔


  2. BrianH says:

    Sorry Sue, but I should be in Quebec by then 🙂


  3. Brian & Jacquie says:

    Sorry we will be camping in Algonquin Park!


  4. bradyperkin says:

    Hope to ride & lunch. Andy not…..this is one tues. he neglected to take off!


  5. Peter says:

    Ruth and I plan to ride. Probably not staying for lunch


  6. Marshall says:

    Ready to go fourth, weather permitting.


  7. Irene says:

    We two will be going fourth 😊 … not sure about lunch..


  8. Wilfried Elzner says:

    I am planning to go fourtward also


  9. Peter says:

    Just noticed that the route includes anderson. Last week it was torn up consisting of long stretch of gravel. Should consider staying on Kellogg south to 4th.


  10. Sharye says:

    Will be there, weather permitting.


  11. Sue says:

    Looks like it will clear up by then. I will be there, but not sure about lunch. If anyone is interested in a ride a little more exciting than Go Fourth I am taking some Beautiful Bewdley maps. 🙂


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