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Riding from Cobourg – Saturday, August 18 – 10:30 a.m. start

Marshall and Barb – great smiles!

Barb and John will host a ride starting at 10:30 a.m. from their home. We’ll follow the East Danforth map, 50 or 33K with lots of options for longer or shorter routes. There will be an apres-ride bbq. Meat and veggie burgers, sausages, buns and condiments will be provided. You can bring nibblies, salad or dessert if you like.

We will cook and eat in jig time because the main event will be a Veggie Car Derby!  The following youtube videos will give you an idea of what you will be doing:



Get your thinking caps on and creative juices flowing.  Members will form teams of two or three to build a race car in a set amount of time and then we will hold races on a double section racing ramp.  A variety of vegetables, and wooden axle materials will be provided.  Participants may bring optional decorative fruits or whimsy.   There will be prizes.


  1. Katherine Smith says:

    I am looking wheelie forward to having a wheeling good time!!! Lettuce all parsnipipitate.

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  2. Barbara Spencer says:

    We are excited to do this too. John has built an amazing new racing ramp and we will be finding car building veggies and other goodies. It would be good to have some confirmations so we can plan our forays.

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  3. Ruth says:

    Pete and Ruth will be there. Excited! Pete is hoping to give peas a chance.

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  4. jenp83 says:

    We will be home from our cycling trip and will def be there Saturday! Looking forward to a fun time. We also have invited Randy and Anita to come out for this.

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  5. Franco says:

    Franco is guoda go!

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  6. kschroeder1 says:

    Unfortunately I will be unable to attend

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  7. Bob says:

    Liz and I riding

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  8. vivian says:

    Harold and I will be there he is already planning his winning fruit!


  9. Irene says:

    Richard and I will be in attendance … should we root around and bring our own supplies of veggies/fruits?

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    • Barbara Spencer says:

      We will be getting suitable (we hope) veggies such as potatoes, carrots and the like. If you look at the video some people use fruit to decorate so if you want to get really really creative…..

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  10. jenp83 says:

    Just heard back from Randy and both Anita and he are coming to the ride and BBQ. Should be a super fun day with lots of laughs! 😊🚲

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  11. Can I come as a guest again? Pretty please? Orange you willing to let me ride with y’all again? 🙂


  12. Wilfried Elzner says:

    No I have a market date


  13. Paul Buttimor says:

    My barn is up. So I hope to be there. Sounds like fun….Paul


  14. Sue says:

    I’ll be there too, Barb and John.


  15. bradyperkin says:

    Andy playing tennis at 9 so can’t ride but will come for the potato 🥔, parsnips and 🥕 racing…….I hope to ride and join in the shenanigans…..not very creative though……ankle has healed!


  16. Marianne says:

    Me too !


  17. Elizabeth Fellows says:

    I will be there and if riding it will be very short as have only got the okay to start riding again.


  18. bradyperkin says:

    Thanks ever so much Barb & John. We had a lot of fun! We should help to pay you for all those veggies as that must have cost a bit?? You win the most creative host(s) award.


  19. Peter says:

    Thanks very much Barb and John for hosting this great event. I think everyone will remember this for a long time.


  20. twocamels says:

    Such a special day – thanks Barb and John! Love your creativity!


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