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Riding from Cobourg – Friday, June 22

Marianne is our host for this Friday’s ride from her home in South Cobourg. Her invitation is below.

Note: Please enter through my back door or garage NOT my front door. I have baby robins on my porch that I would not like to scare!

There is lots of parking along the North side of my and Franco’s properties.

Google Maps does not give correct directions. Here are the right ones:

  • Get to Brook Road North.
  • Just south of the train tracks, enter the subdivision using gravel entrance (left after train tracks if you’re traveling South from Elgin, right if you’re traveling North from Highway 2).
  • Turn left (North) onto Lonsberry and park anywhere along the long stretch opposite the apartment buildings.

And again, enter through my back door or go around to my garage.

We have 3 route options:

  • a hilly 53 km that takes us up to Cavan and Little
  • a hilly 38 km
  • a flatter 34 km option through Cornish Hollow

All start from our place and begin by climbing up to Baltimore. The routes split up in Baltimore, but come back together at Williamson Road, heading back home down Ontario Street through Cobourg.

Click on the image above for the downloadable map. We will also have written instructions for each route printed out for Friday.

Potluck will follow!


  1. jenp83jen says:

    Sounds great. See you Friday🚴🏻


  2. Sue Pott says:

    Sorry to miss your ride, Marianne, but I won’t be home that day.


  3. bradyperkin says:

    Andy & Jennifer hope to be there.


  4. Barbara Spencer says:

    We have to go to Toronto on Friday so may arrive late but plan to come!


  5. Marianne says:

    We noticed tonight that Williamson has a Fresh Gravel sign. I’ll check it out more closely tomorrow & will report back.


    • BrianH says:

      We road north from Dale to Bickle Hill on Williamson yesterday. That section of Williamson has indeed been torn up😔 However, it was worth the inconvenience to be able to ride Bickle.
      I plan to ride on Friday.


      • Marianne says:

        Thanks for that Brian. I drove it today and it is okay. We will go cautiously through I think. It is the Ripped Up Road Ride.


  6. Elizabeth Henderson says:

    Bob and Liz will be coming


  7. Wilfried Elzner says:

    I will ride


  8. Marianne says:

    Good news is I found local strawberries & pound cake is in the oven ! Bad news is they are unexpectedly digging up a lot of roads in my subdivision so it might feel like Grand Central Station. Good news is we have been promised the heavy equipment will be gone by 5pm or shortly thereafter. I will try to be available to help find street/parking lot parking if needed. Our stretch will not be dug up. We are looking forward to seeing everyone !


  9. bradyperkin says:

    Oh my I have a dessert too ….let’s hope other bring savoury!


  10. Irene says:

    Richard and I just home from Kingston, hope to ride and sup this evening 🙂


  11. bradyperkin says:

    Thanks for a lovely ride Marianne….for a change it felt like there was more downhill than up……my idea of heaven!


    • Marianne says:

      Thanks & thank you all for coming ! We’d been needing a good freewheelers’ feed ! I’m so glad the rain held off too. A perfect start to the weekend.


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