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Blossom Ride from Port Hope – Tuesday, May 29

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Your ride host Marshall invites you below to join the Blossom ride this Tuesday.

Winter is finally over and our Northumberland Hills are now bursting into full bloom. If the lilacs we saw while climbing up Lilac Valley Road on last Tuesday’s ride are any indication, we are in for a special treat at our annual GFW Blossom ride this Tuesday. Your Club Blossom Guru is predicting that the lilacs and apple blossoms will be at their peak and that the weather gods will be shining down upon us.

Our ride this year will follow the usual Marshall’s Blossom Ride route but with a few changes. The usual downtown start and climb out of Port Hope will be replaced with a start and finish from the home of Marshall and Glennis and will be followed by a pizza lunch with ice cream for dessert. We will ask for everyone to share the cost. Bring your favourite drink and don’t forget your dishes.

Be sure to bring your cameras and be prepared for a few fun challenges during the ride. Dependent on the turnout, we may even break into a couple of groups and have ourselves a little contest.

A comment on our website to verify if you are coming would be appreciated to help in the planning.


  1. Barbara Spencer says:

    We’ll be there ready for whatever creativity Marshall has in store for us. Love the Blossom Ride.


  2. bradyperkin says:

    Me too…..Andy is sorry to have to miss this one tho’😥


  3. kschroeder1 says:

    Sway with the sun,
    As the wind picks up,
    Lovely lilacs dance at dawn.

    Well, maybe not at dawn but I plan to be there


  4. Peter says:

    Ruth and I plan to ride.


  5. Lilianne says:

    Barry and I are looking forward to the ride and lunch.


  6. Irene says:

    Richard and I will be cycling, choosing a short route and looking forward to pizza 🙂


  7. BrianH says:

    Sorry, Marshall, but I presently in New York State and it is a tad too far to come for the ride.


  8. Wayne McRoberts says:

    I’ll try to make to this one!


  9. Bob Almack says:

    Bob and guest Occo are coming.


  10. Bob Almack says:

    Bob and guest Occo are coming.


  11. Paul Buttimor says:

    Looking forward to finally making one of the rides…Paul


  12. Marshall says:

    I drove the route yesterday and all is looking good. The blossom show awaits us.

    To add some fun and a little challenge to the ride, I have prepared a scavenger hunt called “Find the spot and take a shot” for us to play. You will be provided with a list of hints, each pointing you to a spot in the route. When (make that if) you find the spot you must take a team picture at the spot. Winner will be the one who finds the most correct spots. After lunch, we will be showing your pictures on my TV (provided I can transfer them from your camera / phone to my laptop) and comparing them to the pictures that I took. Thinking teams may be based on Long route vs short routes riders but we’ll have to decide this based on how many riders we have. Actually, a rider could even go it alone.

    Also want to point out, if there is anyone not up to riding the route on Tuesday, you might consider driving it as it is well worth seeing. You could even participate in the game. Perhaps we could get a team together in one car.

    I’ll have some maps available for those unable to print one from our site.

    See you Tuesday.


  13. Marshall says:

    One more reminder, don’t forget your camera.


  14. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    I will ride, but not very far and Jac will join us for lunch. Looking forward to it !


    • Marshall says:

      OK Brian, great to hear that you are going to ride some. Also keep in mind my suggestion of driving the route. Just thinking that Jacquie might enjoy seeing all the blossoms with the rest of us. You could also get involved in the scavenger hunt……just a thought.


  15. Sue says:

    I”m pretty sure I can come. Will see how I feel in an hour or so as I ‘m just over a bout of dehydration or quick flu. Not sure which it was.


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