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Upcoming Ride Reminders – Need Hosts!

There is no host for the Tuesday, October 3 ride, therefore the ride will start from the Port Hope Town Hall at 10:00. Riders can comment on this post if they plan to ride and suggest a route.

Actually, there are no ride hosts in the calendar for October at all yet, so I’m sure Marshall will welcome your offers to host! Check the calendar for the dates and Marshall’s contact details.

Regarding Friday rides, there are two remaining dates on the calendar without hosts – the 21st and the 28th. Please be reminded we move to Saturday rides in October, with the exception of our annual Thanksgiving ride from Katherine’s. We’ve added a special treat this year – a cycle cross ride at Harold D’s to take place Thanksgiving weekend on the Saturday. You’ll receive separate posts for each of these rides to make sure you are able to comment separately if you plan to attend.





  1. bhedney says:

    It is unlikely that I will be home in time for this ride otherwise I would look after it. However, I should be able to do one of the remaining October Tuesdays.


  2. vivian says:

    I think several members have not hosted this season? Perhaps one will step forward.


  3. Marshall Johnstone says:

    See you Monday.



  4. Marshall says:

    Ignore the above, I meant Tuesday.


  5. Barb Spencer says:

    Why don’t we do Katherine’s Ride as it has lots of options. I’ll call Basil’s and see if they can accommodate us for lunch. I plan to start at the park on Victoria Street between Rideout and Sullivan but the Lovers of Hills can start at the Town Hall if they prefer.


    • twocamels says:

      Hey Barb – Friday’s ride from Katherine’s is Katherine’s ride – how about a Newcastle ride that goes along the lake and folks can cut short the route where they like? That said, maybe different folks are doing Tuesday’s ride and not sing the Friday one – so just offering up an alternative.


  6. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    It is in my plans to ride on Tuesday, at a low velocity and not very far. I will be happy to start at the Victoria St. park – see you then.



  7. Peter says:

    I plan to ride. Happy to start from Victoria street park. I like the Basil’s suggestion Barb.


  8. Marshall says:

    A ride from the ball park on Victoria Street with lunch at Basil’s sounds like a great idea Barb but maybe best to leave the “Katherine’s Ride” for the Thanksgiving Friday ride. Heading west on Lakeshore which provides lots of alternatives to return by also sounds like a good idea. How about we see how many and who show up and decide what to do at the start. A nice leisurely fall group ride along the lake shore would work for me.


    • Barb Spencer says:

      Maybe that would be best Marshall and then we won’t need maps, just an out and back ride. I’ll do a count and pop in to Basil’s or call them. Easy Peasy!


  9. Jennifer says:

    Sounds good to me. I shall go to the park and lunch is always a good thing …….


  10. harold wontorra says:

    vivian and I will be there to ride and lunch


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