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Ride Reminder – Friday, June 30

Dog's head

Friday’s ride starts from the Port Hope Town Hall and will follow the Osaca Outing route that offers two options: 46 and 34 kilometre. There is no host, so do print your map.

Note that A Dog’s Purpose will be playing in the bandshell area across from the Town Hall.  This could be a fun activity to do after the ride, weather of course permitting!

Please comment to let riders know by 10:00 a.m. on Friday if you plan to ride. Comment as well if you’d like to hang out afterwards for the movie in the park. We could order pizza from Jim’s and eat it in the park.



  1. bhedney says:

    I am up for the Friday evening ride as long as other folks will be there. I plan to make my decision in this regard at 10:00 AM on Friday when I know what others are up to 🙂


  2. Klaus SCHROEDER says:

    Sorry Brian, I’ll still be in London on Friday.


  3. Sue says:

    I will go tonight, Brian. The weather will have cleared up by then. Tomorrow looks like rain most of the day. I probably won’t stay for pizza in the park, not sure though.


    • bhedney says:

      OK, Sue, I shall be there at 5:30 PM as the rain should have stopped by then 🙂


      • Sue says:

        If it is only you and I that are riding, Brian, would you mind if we do a different route, such as Rice Lake Revisited, or Hamilton Hills?


  4. Barb Spencer says:

    We are thinking of coming but not likely staying for movie and pizza.


  5. Peter says:

    Ruth and I are going to give it a try as well. Looks like a slightly better than 50% chance it won’t rain – but who knows.


  6. Marianne says:

    Franco and I are going to try to haul ourselves over to ride !


  7. bhedney says:

    A great ride last night. I love the fact that we all stay together on these Friday rides 🙂


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