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Ride Reminder – Tuesday, June 20

From your hosts:

The ride on Tuesday, June 20, will start at our home, at 10am and will follow (trying again!!) my favourite route which takes you East and UP Shelter Valley Road and King Road. A relaxed ride with time to look around and no high speed lineouts (!!). Maps will be available.Following this there will be complementary burgers on the deck. Contributions of salad or dessert will be appreciated. Bring your usual personal effects.

See you here

Jacquie and Brian

If you’d like to download your own map, you can now find it on our Local Routes – first one under Cobourg.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Sorry to miss this but camping in Killbear Provincial Park.


  2. kschroeder1 says:

    I plan to ride and lunch. Saw Brian out training for this ride yesterday so I better get out and do rthe same.


  3. kschroeder1 says:

    At this time of year it should be called “Killbug PP” Enjoy!


  4. twocamels says:

    Ruth and Pete will be there!


  5. Sue says:

    I will be there, Jacquie and Brian.


  6. vivian says:

    We will ride and have lunch. Thanks!


  7. bhedney says:

    Sorry, B & J, but I am away this week!


  8. Barb Spencer says:

    John and Barb plan to come. Looking forward to it this tradition.


  9. Irene says:

    We’ll be there, Richard with his bottle …. Gatorade of course 😉


  10. Brian & Jacquie says:

    Anymore takers? I would hate to run out of food!! Jacquie!


  11. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    The forecast isn’t looking good at the moment for 8am – 4pm, we will monitor & call it at 8am tomorrow morning! Hope it is wrong for once!


  12. Marshall says:

    Glennis and Marshall plan to be there. Be sure to check the radar before calling it tomorrow. I’ll put my fender on my bike tonight. It worked last week.


  13. Gail says:

    Hi Jackie and Brian I will be there for the ride but I will not be able to stay for lunch unfortunately thank you though Gail


  14. turneywo says:

    I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.


  15. Brian & Jacquie says:

    Looking at the radar,between 11am & 1pm it would be a very damp ride. Certainly we wouldn’t be able to sit outside for a barbeque!
    I think we will cancel the ride & reschedule for the 25th July which appears to be the next opening. Would you please let Ruth know Marshall?


  16. Barb Spencer says:

    Good choice Brian and Jaq. I just took the dogs up to the Carstairs trail. Rained until we got there, halted for our walk then rained all the way home.


    • kschroeder1 says:

      Glad you called this the way you did Jacquie & Brian. I’m one of those “naysayers” who is out to enjoy the ride not endure it. Sometimes you miss it and sometimes you don’t.
      I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for next week.


  17. Marianne says:

    I am happy about the July 25 date ! Almost summer for us & one of the best parts of summer is Tuesday rides & your bbq !


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