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Ride Reminder – Tuesday, June 13

Pete is your host for Tuesday’s ride that starts from the Port Hope Town Hall at 10:00.

Join us as we travel East out of town, following the Hope with Hamilton route, or as Brian likes to call it “La Route des Séparatistes”. The full distance is 50 kilometres, but you can shorten it in two places to do 32 kilometres.

Lunch reservations are for 1:00 at Turtle Johns at 64 John Street in Port Hope.



  1. vivian says:

    Harold and I will be riding and lunching


  2. Peter says:

    Looks like the cold weather is finally behind us. Hopefully the rain is too.


  3. Wilfried Elzner says:

    I HOPE to ride the hope route Willy


  4. Brian & Jacquie says:

    We may join you for lunch, Brian has a surgeons appointment in the morning!


  5. Barry says:

    Lilianne and I will arrive a bit late, probably the Vic Park baseball field at Sullivan, do a different flat ride, but graciously join you for lunch.


  6. Jennifer says:

    Yup I plan to ride Peter….gorgeous weather!


  7. Irene says:

    We’ll be riding, though Richard will start late because of docs appointment and I think both be there for lunch.


  8. Marshall says:

    Glennis and I will there for ride and lunch. Looking like great riding weather.


  9. Barb Spencer says:

    The Spencers will be there.


  10. Barb Spencer says:

    Well….Spencers iffy now. One is likely enthused and one is jet-lagged. Looks like it is a repeat of the Blossom ride weather.

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  11. Peter says:

    Looks like every Tuesday has uncertain weather. Ruth and I will be at townhall at 10:00 regardless. It better not rain because Ruth booked a vacation day for the ride.


    • twocamels says:

      4th line between Canton and Sylvan Glen is under construction. Therefore we recommend everyone do the S2 shortcut at Barrie to avoid the construction. Route is reduced as a result by 4 kilometers.


    • twocamels says:

      Six fearless riders are heading out at 10:05 – see more of you at lunch maybe.


  12. Brian & Jacquie says:

    A thunderstorm rolled through about 6:45am not raining now at 8:10am but looking dark to the West!


  13. Marshall says:

    It’s raining in my back yard right now, probably the front yard too, but I’m too lazy and scared to check. Radar shows it will all pass over by start time and stay dry until lunch. Brian H always preaches that Radar is always right. See you at the town hall


  14. Irene says:

    Our dog Lotti says the weather looks pretty stormy, so I will wait for Richard to come back from the docs before making a decision about cycling.


  15. vivian says:

    Not a drop of rain on our ride today, way to go Pete! We outdid all the naysayers!


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