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Friday Rides Need You!

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On Jul 20, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Katherine Smith <katherinevsmith@yahoo.com> wrote:

Katherine invites you to choose your Friday ride!

This is a reminder that there will not be a Friday ride today. Also, your new Friday Ride Coordinator, Katherine, is calling on your support in her invitation below.

Calling all wonderful Freewheelers, all of the hostesses and hosts with the mostest.  All of you who wish the opportunity to plan a potentially unforgettable event for your fellow Freewheelers . . .  and of course, to have my undying respect and appreciation!

I am taking over the Friday night hosting duties. My goal is 100 percent covered – no Town Hall rides, no little note says “ride has no host”.

If we can achieve this, I am willing to host a Thanksgiving Palooza at mine on the Friday night of Thanksgiving. Wait. Heck. Right, I do that every year.  Ok, if you can all help, undying love and support, and turkey still happens.

So let me know your date and choice. August has only one little date planned.  Here’s to part 2 of the cycling season (already).  Looking forward to seeing those of you signed up for our St Jacobs weekend.  Remember, there is no ride today, unless, you want to get it out of your system and do a final “ride needs host” from a town hall.

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