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A Message from your new President

Outgoing Tuesday Ride Coordinator Marshall, Incoming President Barb

I am pleased and honoured to have been elected President of the Ganaraska Freewheelers at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.  I know that all of the Freewheelers will join me in expressing appreciation and thanks for the substantial creative contributions made by the outgoing executives and volunteers. We also welcome back those continuing in their roles and are pleased to have input from new executives and volunteers.

Our Past President Willy Elzner is retiring after making much appreciated and substantial contributions to the club during his term. Early into his term, he enlisted support from the Exec team, Social Committee and Ride Coordinators to conduct a club survey, renewing members’ interest in organizing an annual tour, which led to our very successful Welland and Ottawa tours. Among other leadership initiatives sparked by the survey, Willy organized great joint rides with the Northumberland Hills Cycling Club and spearheaded getting the word out that we were welcoming new members with great results. Under his leadership, the club now has new by-laws and a stronger emphasis on safety.

We thank Harold Wontorra for his very capable past service as Vice President and Ruth Louden who is handing over her position as Secretary after capably managing two labour intensive jobs as Secretary and Webmaster. We are thankful that she is continuing as our Superwoman of Webmasters. Marshall Johnstone is taking a break from his Ride Coordinator position and we thank him for his great work rounding up and keeping track of ride hosts.  We continue to appreciate his creativity in originating what are now popular and traditional annual club rides. Vivian Vandenhazel is stepping down as  Membership Coordinator after a long term of welcoming guests and new riders.  Thank you Vivian.

Filling vacancies and continuing on are the following Executive members:

President:  Barbara Spencer

Vice President:  Peter Reitknecht

Treasurer: Richard Pike

Secretary: Brenda Smith

Webmaster: Ruth Louden


Tuesday Ride Coordinators:  Sue Pott, Peter Reitknecht

Friday Ride Coordinators:  Brian Hedney, Katherine Smith

Membership Coordinators:  Brenda Smith, Barbara Spencer

The Minutes of the AGM, amended By-Laws and changes to the Incident Report may now be found in the Members Only portion of the website.

We have a great club.  Every member of the Ganaraska Freewheelers Cycling Club is a volunteer.  It takes work and effort by each member to host and organize rides, social gatherings and events but the rewards are a hundred times any effort expended.  2018 was a superb year and 2019 will be even better with new members, new volunteers and beautiful routes to travel with friends.

Barbara Spencer



  1. randyalbon says:

    Well written Barb. Both Anita and I are thrilled to be back for 2019. Such a great club with so many wonderful friends.


  2. Deb Parks says:

    Great Barb! Looking forward to another fun year of riding and potlucking.


  3. Diane McCormick says:

    Barb, a very thoughtful and well written message to our members. A new year in the making to share with good friends.


    Sent from my iPad



  4. Elizabeth Henderson says:

    We GFWs are in good hands Barb. Thanks to all of the former executives that have done such a great job keeping our club much beloved by all.


  5. jenp83 says:

    Super happy with you at the helm Barb and so looking forward to having Randy and Anita back with our club. We certainly are in good hands with our new executive members and the prospects for a great season are endless!


  6. Wilfried Elzner says:

    Thank you again Barb for stepping up and to every GFW for supporting our cycling club. Willy


  7. BrianH says:

    Congratulations, Barb, on becoming the Sixth President of the Republic of Freewheelers. What an amazing Executive Team we have in place for 2019! Can’t wait for our first ride on January 1st 🙂


  8. bradyperkin says:

    Coming to this late but yes thank you Willie, Harold, Marshall & Vivien for your leadership in years past…..& thank you to the 2019 new executive for coming forward with such heart and willingness. Andy & I were sorry to miss the AGM but had a wonderful trip with 60 family/friends to Mexico for our Teresa’s wedding celebrations!
    Merry Christmas to all our GFW friends 🎄 🎄


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