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Welland Tour 2017

Will you join us for an August weekend of cycling and socializing in historic Welland?

Click here to enjoy the vibrant details your Tour Organizer, Marshall has put together to make this an unforgettable weekend for Ganaraska Freewheeler members and friends.

Note: If you plan to join us, please comment as soon as possible! In order to lock in a group rate at the Niagara College Residence, we need to have enough interest from members to warrant putting a hold on 10 rooms. Rooms in the area are booking fast!

If you have questions, contact Marshall directly.




  1. twocamels says:

    Pete and Ruth are planning to sign up! One room for two please.

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  2. Irene says:

    count us in for the ride, however Richard says he wants to do more research on accommodation 🙂


  3. Marshall says:

    Just a note to remind all that the rooms at the Niagara college residence are all “suites” with 2 private guest bedrooms, each with a double bed. Perfect for up to 2 couples to share. Share if you are inviting guests on the tour or link up with someone in the club…..


  4. kschroeder1 says:

    I am interested!! But I’d need a private room but not private bath so I’d be will ing to share a “suite”. I did try looking at the Best Western website but there seemed to be nothing available for those dates so..?? I could also look for a campsite I guess…But, count me in for something.


  5. jenp83 says:

    Very interested and have invited Susie.


  6. Liz Henderson says:

    Bob and I plan to come. Please feel free to fit us into a suite with other members.


    • Liz Henderson says:

      Just to clarify, yes it is the Niagara College Residence that we would like to stay at if this is a possible option.


  7. bhedney says:

    I am planning to ride both days, but will likely camp as there are some excellent parks in the area.


    • Marshall says:

      Glad to hear you plan to join us. You might want to mention those camping parks to Klaus because he was also considering camping and was wondering about the area.


  8. Paul Buttimor says:

    Wanda and I are definitely going to Welland. We want to stay at the college and urge others to so the same so that we can get the group rate. It would also be great to have a lot of us in one location to socialize.


  9. Barry says:

    Lilianne and I are in. Per Paul’s comment, we would want to stay at the college with the group, and are happy to take half a suite.
    Marshall, are you booking the rooms? We are not clear on this.


    • Marshall says:

      Glad to hear that you guys are planning to join the tour. It will be up to each rider to book their own accommodations including the Niagara college residence. The college (Welland Campus) would be our recommended accommodations, especially if we can get the group rate but that requires a commitment for 10 rooms. I’ve been tracking the positive responses over the few days hoping to hit the numbers required to get that group rate but we are still falling a bit short. Looking like I’ll have to go with the numbers I have as I need to get back to them ASAP as there is no doubt that rooms are booking quickly for that weekend. If we get the group rate they will be giving me a “booking number” which I will be passing on to the group so they can reference it when they book. Back to you soon.


  10. vivian says:

    Harold and I are riding but will not be staying at the college and will find accommodation.


  11. mich says:

    M and Pretty M are coming for the rides and will help make numbers for the residence. If the suites are dinette suites maybe everyone could have a breakfast party!!
    Thanks for planning all this Marshall.


  12. sharonlynnweese says:

    Myself…Sharon Lynn-Weese and Rob Tinney would love to go. We will share a suite (with two separate bedrooms). I have also emailed you the details/my request. Looks like a great tour with a great bunch of people. Looking forward to it. Thank you!


    • sharonlynnweese says:

      I just read the above comments…if you get the numbers you need we will wait until you provide the booking number. Soon? Or should I book tomorrow on my own? Thanks again


  13. Jennifer says:

    Andy & Jennifer plan to come. One room for two at the college residence works for us. Happy to share with another twosome in the other room.


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